Green Kyanite Crystal
Green Kyanite Crystal
Green Kyanite Crystal
Green Kyanite Crystal

Green Kyanite Crystal

Healing • Recalibration • Energy Clearing
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Measures approx. 1" - 2" • Weighs approx. 0.346 ounces
Measures approx. 1.25" - 2.25" • Weighs approx. 0.927 ounces

Green Kyanite is believed by some individuals to possess various metaphysical properties and benefits, although these claims are not scientifically proven. It’s believed to aid in aligning all the chakras in the body, promoting energy flow and balance. Green Kyanite is also associated with deepening meditation practices by promoting a clearer connection with higher realms.

Especially pertinent during Mercury Retrogrades, work with Green Kyanite during these sometimes-tumultuous 3-week periods to enhance communication, both in terms of expressing oneself more clearly and aiding in better communication with others. Green Kyanite can also help you manifest your dreams and desires, which supports your personal growth.

Also useful for Mercury Retrograde (but also year-round), Green Kyanite crystal is thought to have a calming effect on your mind, potentially reducing anxiety and stress levels. Work with this crystal to help balance your emotions and stay grounded and centered, no matter how topsy-turvy the world becomes!

Green Kyanite is a rare crystal composed of andalusite, sillimanite, kyanite and muscovite. Kyanite is known to have high vibration energy and strong metaphysical properties. Perfect for meditation and energy healing, Green Kyanite helps to balance the emotions, clear the mind, and promote feelings of peace and tranquility.


Hold your Green Kyanite Crystal and think about what you want to heal especially when it comes to emotions and communication. Visualize your energy matching the high-frequency energy of love, balance and harmony.

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