Green Tassel Rose Quartz Hanger
Green Tassel Rose Quartz Hanger

Green Tassel Rose Quartz Hanger

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Are you one of those people that roll their eyes at the saying “you can’t love anyone unless you love yourself first”? It’s just a trite platitude, right? Well, maybe the reason it sets off something in you is because, deep down, you know that you need to do some serious heart-healing work! Combining the mighty and potent love-based energy of Rose Quartz and the vibrant green color associated with the heart chakra, this gorgeous home decor piece is perfect for use on your bedroom door as a doorknob hanger, or on a corner of your bed’s headboard, or by a bedroom window. Some people here at Energy Muse HQ have one hung in their car’s rear view mirror, or in their bathrooms, or right outside their front door! No matter where you display it, your tassel hanger will remind you to keep your spaces sacred and keeps you paying attention to your heart’s needs and wants.

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