Hematite Point
Hematite Point

Hematite Point

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About 1" to 1.5"
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Have you been feeling unsettled or spread too thin? Has your mind been spinning? Have you been swept up in the whirlwind of life? It might be time to get grounded, and a Hematite Point is the stone you need to help you. The ultra-grounding energy of this stone in the form of a point is the perfect tool to achieve your intention of getting (and staying) centered and calm.

The heaviness and strength of a Hematite stone grounds your energy. If you’ve been moving around a lot, feeling pulled in a variety of different directions, Hematite helps you to feel rooted and supported.

When you feel frazzled or scattered, a Hematite Point brings you back into alignment. The grounding energy of the stone combined with the energy of manifestation from the shape of a point allows you to find your center and regain your sense of stability whenever the world tries to knock you off your feet.

As a daily preventative measure, working with a Hematite Point helps you to set the intention of remaining grounded and centered throughout the day. Through a consistent practice with this crystal, you can build up your immunity to chaos and learn to navigate difficult situations without letting them get to you.

Place your Hematite Point on your desk or somewhere you will see it every day. When you need to feel more grounded, hold your Hematite Point and let the weight and support of your stone ground your mind, body and spirit.

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