Workspace Crystal Kit

Workspace Crystal Kit

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Comes with 1 Black Tourmaline (1" to 1.5"), 1 Amethyst Cluster (1" to 1.5"), 1 Pyrite Tumbled Stone (~1"), 1 Shungite Pyramid (1.5") and a Lapis Lazuli Tumbled Stone (~1"). You will be emailed a PDF on your crystals and energy tips for your workspace.
Whether you’re going back to the office or continuing to work from home, it’s so important to address the energy of your workspace. Regardless of what your workspace set-up looks like (a kitchen table, a desk, a full-fledged home office, a traditional office, or any other type of work station), this Workspace Crystal Kit is designed to help you optimize the energy of your workspace. This kit includes a variety of crystals for your office, including Shungite Pyramid, Pyrite Tumbled Stone, Aragonite Cluster, and Selenite Pyramid. These are some of the top crystals for office because they offer a combination of protective energy, peaceful energy, wealth-attracting energy and focus-enhancing energy. Together, this combination of stones will help you reach your goals and feel your best when you are working from home or any other work environment.

If you have recently transitioned from a traditional office environment to a work-from-home setup, or if you want to improve your existing office workspace, this crystals for office kit is specifically designed for the at-home work environment. Featuring some of the most powerful crystals for your office, these crystals address a variety of intentions related to career and professional life. The kit also features essential stones for the home environment, giving you everything you need to optimize the energy of your home workspace with these crystals for home office life.

This kit includes a Shungite Pyramid, Pyrite Tumbled Stone, Aragonite Cluster, and Selenite Pyramid. Shungite is the most powerful stone for EMF protection because it harmonizes harmful frequencies emitted by your electronics. This is a must-have for any areas of the home that have electronic devices, but especially the places where you spend time on your computer. Pyrite shimmers with the energy of abundance and helps you attract new opportunities and success into your life, especially when it comes to your career. Amethyst has a relaxing and peaceful energy that helps you find your inner calm if you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed or anxious. Lapis Lazuli is a stone of wisdom that helps you get focused and boosts concentration. Finally, Black Tourmaline is an essential for the home because of its overall protective nature and ability to absorb negative energy.

All the crystals in this kit will differ slightly in shape, size, color and pattern. Upon purchase of this kit, you will be e-mailed a PDF to download with instructions on how to set up your crystals for your workspace. There simply was too much to fit into a printed card.

For the best results, place the stones in the following areas:

Shungite Pyramid for EMF Protection - place it on your computer, router or other electronic device

Pyrite Touchstone for abundance - place it on business cards, proposals, or other documents to manifest success

Amethyst Cluster for peace - place it near you and hold it any time you feel overwhelmed, stressed out or anxious

Lapis Tumbled Stone for focus - place it somewhere nearby and hold it over your third eye whenever you need to concentrate or get focused

Raw Black Tourmaline for protection - place it in your workspace area to absorb negative or unwanted energy and keep the space high vibe

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