Iron Cross Twin Pyrite
Iron Cross Twin Pyrite

Iron Cross Twin Pyrite

Abundance • Prosperity • Wealth
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When you are at a crossroads or have a decision in front of you, work with this incredible and rare Iron Cross Twin Pyrite crystal to guide you on what path to take. The key unique quality of Pyrite Iron Cross Twins is the distinct cross-shaped pattern on the crystal faces. This twinning pattern occurs naturally, during the crystal's growth process. The crystal lattice of Pyrite can result in these cross-shaped formations that set them apart from regular pyrite crystals.

Measures approx. ¾” - 1” • Weighs approx. 0.78 ounces

We like to keep a Iron Cross Twin Pyrite stone on our desk because its energy of determination is perfect for that post-lunch energy crash. It lifts our spirits with a surge of energy, and encourages you to keep pushing. The ambitious quality of a pyrite stone will have you always looking forward to the next challenge. It's also one of the best Feng Shui crystals for encouraging money and abundance. Add a shimmer to your workspace while bringing in an abundance of good vibes.

You may know Pyrite by its other name, Fool's Gold, which it was given for its resemblance to real gold. Pyrite may not have the monetary value of its doppelgänger, but it is a metaphysical treasure. Connect with this stone when you want to discover your gifts and be seen by the world. Working with it aligns you with the energy of abundance. You'd be hard pressed to find an area of your life that the pyrite meaning can't benefit. Attract an abundance of good luck and positivity in love, business or your personal life by connecting to the pyrite stone properties. Let the energy of pyrite stones carry away self-limiting beliefs and negative thoughts so you can focus on your aspirations and make things happen for yourself. Pyrite is like a financial advisor and life coach that guides you toward success. It encourages you to go for the gold!

Pyrite has been highly prized and used by wisdom-keepers since ancient times. In addition to attracting wealth, abundance and good luck, it is believed to hold a strong protective energy. Ancient civilizations often wore it as a protective shield since its mirror-like quality repels and reflects any unwanted energy back to its original sender. With a Pyrite stone by your side, your aura and energy is shielded against negativity.

If you feel pulled in by the energy of a pyrite stone, you are ready to harness the pyrite meaning of prosperity and abundance. Whether you're looking for more abundant relationships, finances, or career success, this stone will help you attract the abundance you desire in different areas of your life.

You may also be attracted to pyrite stones if you seek energetic protection. Like a bodyguard, pyrite wards off negativity and bad vibes so your energy field can remain clean and clear. If you need help shielding unwanted energy from your aura, pyrite is your ally.

Hold your Iron Cross Twin Pyrite crystal in your hands during meditation. Ask your guardian angels, higher powers, ancestors or ascended masters for guidance and clarity on what the next steps to take are in your journey to abundance, success and prosperity.

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