Jade Touchstone
Jade Touchstone
Jade Touchstone

Jade Touchstone

Prosperity • Abundance • Wisdom
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About 1.5” to 2”
The rich energy of a Jade Touchstone invites you to wrap yourself in abundance and prosperity. The Jade properties inspire you to tap into your inner wisdom to cultivate a rich, full life. When you want to live like a queen or king, call upon the regal energy of a Jade Touchstone.

Measures approx. 1¾" - 2" • Weighs approx. 1.55 ounces

Jade opens your heart to the abundance and prosperity that surrounds you. This wise crystal reminds you that cultivating a prosperous life takes time, but if you keep putting in the energy and effort to see your goals through, your life will be filled with prosperity. Connect with a Jade Touchstone to support whatever area of your life you want to prosper.

The Jade meaning has a regal history, dating back to Ancient China. Jade has always signified wealth, success, and abundance. It helps you to create the prosperity you want in your life by tapping into your inner wisdom. You know exactly what it takes to live the fullest life, all you have to do is follow through on your ambitions. A Jade Touchstone gives you a tangible connection to the energy of prosperity and abundance that you want to bring into all areas of your life.

Use your jade touchstone to connect with your heart when designing a plan to begin healing. Ask yourself: What matter of the heart do I need to start healing? How can I make that happen? Make a plan and place your stone on top of it.

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