Labradorite Crystal Earrings
Labradorite Crystal Earrings

Labradorite Crystal Earrings

Manifestation • Limitless Potential • Seeding Intentions
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Infuse your spirit and your life with the magical energy of Labradorite crystal through the power of your Labradorite crystal earrings. By illuminating the possibilities in your life, the flashes of light within your Labradorite earrings can unleash your full potential and guide you to manifest like never before. These crystal earrings are perfect to wear and work with on the new moon so you can set new intentions, make new wishes, and pursue new goals.

Sterling Silver with natural Labradorite crystals

The iridescent quality of a Labradorite crystal offers a visual display of its magical energy. Just as the flashes of light appear within the darker colors of the crystal, working with this stone guides you to see the light within the darkness of life. By helping you to see the magic and possibilities that surround you, your Labradorite crystal opens your eyes to your true potential and shows you all that you are capable of achieving in life.

Wearing Labradorite is an especially powerful way to access this energy and keep it close as you go about your day. Through your Labradorite earrings, you can have a constant reminder and source of inspiration to encourage you and support you as you pursue your goals. This energy is also well suited to the new moon, which makes these earrings a perfect way to support your new moon intentions each lunar cycle and manifest new possibilities through the cycle.

These Labradorite Crystal Earrings are made with sterling silver. No discounts or promotions are valid. All sales are final on earrings.

Wear your Labradorite crystal earrings beginning on the new moon and for the first 14 days of the lunar cycle to connect with the energy of the new moon, seed new intentions and tap into your limitless potential.

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