Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oil

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Need a little help decompressing and finding serenity after a long day? Use our new Lavender Essential Oil in your favorite diffuser and feel the stress melt away. Because lavender is a powerful energy tool to promote peace and deeper sleep, this essential oil is especially useful when you want to clear your energy before bed or to relax and unwind. Like a spa session for your soul, lavender helps you to calm your mind, body and spirit. Allow the gentle plume of steam to carry away any tension, stress, or any other lower vibrational energy and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. All sales final on this item.

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Lavender prompts a calm and peaceful atmosphere, not just for yourself but for the entire space you heat the essential oil in. It helps you get a good night’s rest and helps calm high anxiety and stress.

It’s one of the most renowned and popular oils on the planet, and in essential oil form, it’s nearly effortless to reach a state of serenity without dealing with smoke or burning.

Along with its calming properties for the spirit, the steam of lavender essential oil can instantly neutralize any odors in your home, which makes it a safe and natural alternative to other room sprays or air fresheners. If you feel a sense of fear or anxiety in your home, it would also be a good time to give each room a lavender oil steam session, which will clear and purify the air. We also recommend heating lavender oil before any type of therapeutic session, whether it’s meditation, yoga, or another type of self-care.


Add between 3 to 5 drops of your Lavender essential oil in your diffuser. Plug the power cord into a power outlet. Refill water as necessary to create steam. Feel your auric field and the energy of your spaces lift and fill with peace, light, and a sense of wholeness.