Love Reset Bracelet Bundle
Love Reset Bracelet Bundle

Love Reset Bracelet Bundle

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We've carefully crafted this Love Reset Bracelet Bundle, along with a 21-day program, to help you transform your love life. Our set of 3 thoughtfully selected bracelets aimed at power banding are meant to be worn on specific sides: what you wear on your right wrist signifies what you're working on as your core intention, and what you wear on the left wrist should be your helper stones, supporting your core intention. Harnessing the powerful energies of Clear Quartz, Malachite and Rose Quartz together all at once, the Love Reset Bracelet Bundle will help you pinpoint, with crystal clear clarity, exactly what you need to work on for your particular love life-related issue.

Crystal beads measure 6mm • Copper bead measures 6mm • Fits wrist measurements of approximately 6.25" to 7"

The Love Reset Bracelet Bundle infuses you with a powerful combination of crystal energies designed to support you as you do the crucial work of clarifying exactly what it is you want to transform in your love life. This bundle includes a Clear Quartz, Malachite, and Rose Quartz crystal bracelet, all working together to help you look at your love life differently, identifying what is or isn’t working, and shift your love mindset .

Wear your Clear Quartz bracelet on your right wrist as a potent reminder of your core intention: to be absolutely crystal clear on what you want and need from your love life. Envision, as clearly as you can: what does love look like to you? Reassess your expectations and methods. This is the best stone to call upon when meditating on your intention of being honest with yourself and clearly identifying what your love goals are.

Malachite empowers you to transform and ignite any and all changes you feel you need. It supports the part of you that needs to grow and shift out of your current status and helps support the love goal you assigned to your Clear Quartz bracelet.

Activate your love magnet energy with Rose Quartz. This stone bracelet surrounds you with the pure energy of love while you make the changes you need to make for your love life. Rose Quartz’s overarching love energies ensure you begin from a place of self-love; a place where all other love can flow from.

Put on your Clear Quartz Bracelet on your right wrist and your Malachite and Rose Quartz Bracelets on your left wrist in the morning for 21 days. Place both hands over your heart and state your intention. Take off your bracelets at night and cleanse them on a Selenite Charging Plate.

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