Magic Money Activation Bundle
Magic Money Activation Bundle
Magic Money Activation Bundle
Magic Money Activation Bundle
Magic Money Activation Bundle

Magic Money Activation Bundle

Wealth • Money Magnet • Unlimited Abundance
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Do you aspire to attract wealth and abundance effortlessly? The Magic Money Activation Bundle is your ultimate tool for manifesting prosperity. Carefully crafted with potent crystals and magical ingredients, this bundle is designed to elevate your financial vibrations and draw in wealth like never before. With just one add-to-cart, set the universe in motion to bring your dreams into reality.

Pouch measures approx. 8.5” x 4.75"

With this bundle, you receive: 1 Wealth Activation Pouch plus 1 Wealth charm, 1 citrine free-form, 1 small Manifester, 1 box of money matrix incense, 1 Shiva Eye Shell, 1 Labradorite stone and 1 Ammonite Fossil.

Key Features:

Wealth Activation Pouch

  • Original and Exclusive Formula: You won’t find this unique combination anywhere else. This formula is meticulously engineered to attract and retain wealth.
  • Empowered by the Number 8: The pouch’s dimensions, 8.5” in length, resonate with the powerful frequency of 8, symbolizing prosperity, wealth, and an unstoppable drive for success.
  • $100 Bill Print: Adorned with a $100 bill print, the pouch creates a magnetic pull to attract wealth and opportunities, leveraging the principle that money attracts money.
  • Red Zipper and Interior: The vibrant red lining and zipper supercharge and activate everything inside the pouch, echoing the design of our Prosperity Necklace. This is where the real magic unfolds.

Wealth Charms and Crystals

  • Citrine Free-Form Crystal: Harnesses golden energy, amplifying your intentions and attracting wealth.
  • Manifester: Supercharges your manifestation efforts, ensuring your desires come to fruition.
  • Money Matrix Incense: Reinforces your financial intentions to the universe, ensuring your desires are heard.
  • Shiva Eye Shell: Incorporates the currency of the sea, adding a unique maritime energy to your financial endeavors.
  • Labradorite: Illuminates any darkness in your finances, providing clarity and insight.
  • Ammonite: Represents millions of years of wisdom, grounding your financial aspirations in ancient knowledge.


Enhance the potency of your Magic Money Activation Bundle by adding your own $100 bill, favorite crystals, talismans, written wishes, or even herbs. This personalized touch amplifies the bundle’s magic, making it uniquely yours.

Why Choose the Magic Money Activation Bundle?

The Magic Money Activation Bundle is not just a collection of items; it’s a powerful, all-encompassing tool for attracting wealth and success. Each component has been carefully selected for its unique ability to contribute to your financial well-being. From the exclusive formula to the potent crystals, every element is designed to work in harmony to bring you prosperity.

Unlock your path to wealth with the Magic Money Activation Bundle. With just one click, start attracting more wealth and abundance into your life. Order now and set your intentions towards a prosperous future!

Light your Money matrix Incense and cleanse the inside and outside of the pouch, as well as all your components. Place all the items in your pouch along with a $100 bill. Add handwritten intentions, images of your wealth goals (like a car, vacation, home, or anything special you want to manifest), to personalize it. Clip your wealth charm on the zipper and close your pouch. Place it in your purse!

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