Mercury Retrograde Jewelry Bundle
Mercury Retrograde Jewelry Bundle
Mercury Retrograde Jewelry Bundle

Mercury Retrograde Jewelry Bundle

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Prepare for Mercury Retrograde with our jewelry bundle: you'll receive 3 pieces of crystal jewelry that will act as wearable armor, specifically chosen with MR's effects in mind: a Grounding Anklet, Play Bracelet, and a Protection Bracelet. This three-week period is (in)famous for unexpected tech glitches, plans that go awry, and miscommunications. Harnessing the powerful energies of Amazonite, Aquamarine, Black Tourmaline, Hematine and Lapis Lazuli, this jewelry bundle will help you navigate through Mercury Retrograde confidently and serenely.

The Mercury Retrograde Jewelry Bundle grants a powerful combination of crystal energies designed to support you through this period and allow you to roll with whatever’s thrown your way.

Grounding Anklet:

• crafted from magnetic Hematine, a metal-rich mineral

• acts as your grounding anchor through the topsy-turviness of Mercury Retrograde

• because it's worn on your ankle, your anklet acts as the "roots" of your crystal armor

Play Bracelet:

• made of Amazonite & Aquamarine

• encourage you to stay flexible and go with the flow, especially as miscommunications come up

• help you let go of the need to control

Protection Bracelet:

• made with Black Tourmaline, Golden Sheen Obsidian & Lapis Lazuli

• protects you from harsh, negative or lower-energy vibrations

• you'll never regret having extra protection, especially during Mercury Retrograde!

When to wear:

Use this bundle, and your Mercury Retrograde Ritual Kit, only during Mercury Retrograde periods. This keeps these pieces programmed specifically for each MR. Once Mercury Retrograde is over, cleanse with your favorite incense and then put away (until the next MR!).

What to do:

• Wear your anklet and 2 bracelets every day during the Mercury Retrograde.

• When you put on your Play Bracelet, call upon Mercury, the Roman god of communication, eloquence and direct speech and recite "God of Mercury, please help me speak clearly and listen deeply"

• When you put on your Protection Bracelet, recite "always put me in the right place at the right time"

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