Rainbow Moonstone Point

Rainbow Moonstone Point

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About 1" to 2" tall
About 2" to 3" tall
About 3" to 4" tall
About 4" to 5" tall
Let this stone of destiny point your spirit in the right direction. A Rainbow Moonstone Point is the ideal tool for not only illuminating your destiny, but infusing you with the right energy to see that new beginning into fruition.

If you are feeling drawn to a Rainbow Moonstone Point, it’s time to bring in lots of fresh energy. Are you ready to start new in a certain area of your life? Is there a passion that you’d like to explore? As a stone of destiny, Rainbow Moonstone may be calling to you because your spirit is craving a change.

This Rainbow Moonstone Point is a powerful tool to fill your spirit with the energy of creation. No matter what destiny you’re looking to bring about—whether it’s parenthood, a career you’re passionate about or a new sense of purpose—tapping into Rainbow Moonstone energy will help you to invite that into your life.

The nurturing energy of Rainbow Moonstone reminds you that you are worthy of your destiny. It compels you to seek out the future you want for yourself, and let go of doubts or fears that have held you back. When you meditate with a Rainbow Moonstone Point, you experience clarity on how you want to shift your life. Then you can use the Rainbow Moonstone Point to set an intention to create that destiny for yourself. The calm, confidence of Rainbow Moonstone can benefit you in many ways, big and small. Use it to seek out your destiny, or simply to establish a new beginning in how you approach your day. However you use it, it will ensure that you have a new, positive outlook on your life.

Use a Rainbow Moonstone Point in meditation by holding it in your hand, with the tip of the point facing inward toward your body. You can also set an intention for destiny with your Rainbow Moonstone Point. To do this, write your intention down on a piece of paper. Holding your Rainbow Moonstone Point, state your intention aloud or in your head 3 times. Then fold the paper in half, and set the Rainbow Moonstone Point on top of it.

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