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Rainbow Moonstone Stone

Rainbow Moonstone Stone

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Whether you're looking to enhance fertility, birth a new project or just begin again, Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stone is a stone of new beginnings. Connecting you with the energy of the divine feminine, it helps you unlock the energy of the Moon that resides within you to help you become more in tune with yourself. All the Moonstone stones will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern. Each comes with a card or downloadable crystal sheet PDFthat holds the information about the crystals and their meanings.

Moonstone is a magical crystal that puts you back in touch with your divine feminine and inner goddess. For those days when you're feeling hopelessly lost or uninspired, remember the power you have within. Unlock your potential, and shine bright with unlimited possibilities. It helps you to unlock the energy of the Moon that resides within you, thereby keeping you in a more balanced state of tranquility.

Because it's so closely associated with the moon and feminine power, moonstone has gained a reputation as being one of the most powerful crystals for fertility. You hear it all time when you're having trouble getting pregnant, 'Just relax, and let it happen.' When you're wondering what's wrong and if it will ever happen, this bit of advice does not only undermine the difficulty of the struggle, but it almost insults it. The truth is, it can be almost impossible to relax and stop thinking about how hard you're trying, when you feel as though there is a clock ticking down. The very act of trying not to think about it, makes you think it even more. That's where moonstone comes in handy. It hushes the mind, planting seeds of calm in the third eye, soma and solar plexus chakras. The same power to bring new life into the world applies to other projects and opportunities. It reminds you of the miracle of life and our vast universe of infinite possibilities.

Aligned with the energy of the Moon, the Moonstone meaning is connected to a woman's cycle. It has been used as a symbol of love and clarity since the Middle Ages. Indian astrologers believe having a Moonstone is a way to befriend the Moon. Holding Moonstones under the Full Moon is thought to make you feel connected to the universal rhythms of life.

When you want to turn your dreams into reality, moonstone is the stone to turn to. Working with moonstone helps you bring your goals to life by cleansing the mind of negative emotions holding you back. In a more literal way, you may also be drawn toward Moonstone if you're trying to get pregnant. This crystal helps to increase fertility and align you with your own natural rhythm. Because they are connected to the divine feminine, they also bring forth your feminine power.

Place your stone in your bra or carry it in your pocket for 11 days to help inspire and birth your new beginning.

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