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Multi-Colored Tiger's Eye Stone

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This tumbled Multi-Colored Tiger Eye stone expands your vision of yourself. Because it urges you to see both sides, in fact all sides of yourself, it deepens your self-understanding. Beyond Tiger’s Eye usual dazzling chatoyancy (that shimmering cat’s eye effect), Multi-Colored Tiger’s Eye, also known as Hawk’s Eye, features undulating blue-ish/multi-hued multiple layers that call you to bring up everything, even the darkest aspects, of your personality to the surface. Tap into all the aspects of yourself and utilize Multi-Colored Tiger’s Eye’s dynamic energy to shift and work through your shadow aspects more quickly, rather than sitting in & dwelling on them. Due to its natural quality, every Multi-Colored Tigers Eye tumbled crystal will vary slightly in size, shape, color, and pattern.

The Multi-Colored Tiger Eye tumbled stone is a crystal of multi-dimensionality and sharp, deep vision. Its invigorating energy gives you the courage and grit to see yourself from a new, clearer perspective. It shifts your outlook so that you can gain a deeper understanding of yourself. If you want to try something new, whether it's a major lifestyle change, a new relationship, a different career path, or an aspect of your personality you have yet to indulge, working with a tumbled Multi-Colored Tiger Eye stone will ground you in the power you need to inspire the courage for pursuing new ventures. Carrying tumbled Multi-Colored Tiger’s Eye stones and having the intention of its meaning close by is known for bringing new opportunities into your life, followed by prosperity and abundance. The mesmerizing, kinetic energy of these stones also help break through creative or emotional blocks.

A dazzling Multi-Colored Tiger Eye tumbled stone encourages us to go outside of the comfort zone we’ve created for ourselves: the place where growth, change, and transformation can happen. It pushes you to recognize your gifts as well as the darker, self-limiting beliefs. This powerful crystal is a reminder that you are capable of so much more than you ever conceived about yourself. Tumbled Multi-Colored Tiger’s Eye will embolden you to confront your self-imposed boundaries and tear them down. The more you work with tumbled Multi-Colored Tiger’s Eye stones, the more your universe will expand.

If you need help seeing things from a new perspective, call on the energy of a Tiger Eye tumbled stone. With this crystal by your side, you can expand your mind and open yourself up to your full potential. Maybe you want to take a fresh approach to a challenging situation at work, or embrace a new perspective in your personal relationships. Whatever the specifics, let Tiger's Eye be your life coach in clearing your mind and considering the situation at hand from all angles. Try placing a stone on your desk in your office or workspace for energetic support.

This powerful stone can also be the push you need to move forward with new experiences. Its energy inspires courage and confidence, making it the perfect stone to work with when you are facing big life changes. Changing careers? Starting a new relationship? This stone will help you step outside your comfort zone and go for it with the roar of a tiger! Learn more about the tiger eye stone meaning and properties here.

When you find yourself stuck in analysis paralysis, over-ruminating on an issue about yourself or facing a problem that requires a deeper ability to see, carry your Multi-Colored Tiger’s Eye stone with you to inspire a constructive and creative solution to your personal problem or external issue. Challenge yourself to come up with 3 ways to get to the end result when you are able to dig a little more deeply.

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