On-The-Go Protection Crystal Bundle comprising a Selenite (Satin spar) wand, Black Kyanite fan crystal and Lapis Lazuli tumbled stone by Energy Muse

On-the-Go Protection Crystal Bundle

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The world has always been ever-changing, but you may have a sense that it has become even more unpredictable these days. While it is never possible to control the events, energies, and interactions around you, it is essential that you protect your own energies and spirit and create a gentle yet firm boundary and keep your peace. Shield your energy with this On-The-Go Protection Crystal Bundle so that others can't weigh you down with their negativity. The crystal trio of Black Tourmaline, Lapis Lazuli, and Black Kyanite will ensure that your aura is free of unwanted energy so that you can shine the way you're meant to. Each bag includes 1 Selenite Cleansing Wand, 1 Lapis Lazuli, and 1 Black Kyanite fan stone.

Many of us protect our property, but forget to protect our most sacred personal possession - our spirit! Make sure you shield your energy with this Protection Stones Bag, so that others can't weigh you down with their negativity. The crystal combination of Selenite, Lapis Lazuli, and Black Kyanite will ensure your aura is free of unwanted energy so that you can shine the way you're meant to.

A Selenite Crystal Wand is a versatile tool used for energy cleansing, meditation, healing and more. Referred to as “liquid light,” a Selenite cleansing crystal has the ability to unblock stagnant energy and promote a smooth flow throughout your body. It dispels all negativity from your system, bringing calming energies, mental clarity and deep peace. These wands are an energy tool that everyone needs in their home! Selenite also helps dispel unwanted spirit energy from your home. Hold one in each hand for meditation, or use one to clear your aura on a daily basis — the possibilities are endless. Wondering how to cleanse Selenite? How to charge Selenite? Not to worry: its own cleansing and charging power keeps it from needing any cleaning at all!

Lapis Lazuli connects you with your inner wisdom so that you can feel secure and confident in your decisions. This brilliant blue stone connects with the third eye chakra to release tension and expand the mind. By inducing a calming energy, Lapis Lazuli allows you to step into your power and tap into your inner wisdom. This stone leaves you feeling strong, secure, and protected as you go about your day.

Black Kyanite cuts the cords with other people’s toxic energy. If you’ve ever felt bad energy coming from someone in a bad mood, this is the kind of toxic energy that tends to spread. Use Black Kyanite to energetically detach from anyone whose negative energy spreads to you.

Crystal Intention: I am protected.

Crystal Practice:

- Hold your crystals in both hands and say out loud, “I am protected” 3 times.

- Holding your Black Kyanite in your dominant hand, use it to draw a circle around your body to set a strong boundary.

- Carry Black Tourmaline and Lapis Lazuli in your bra or pocket throughout the day.

- Cleanse your stones weekly with a selenite charging plate and/or sage stick to remove any energy they've absorbed.

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