product view of polished peach moonstone touchstone by Energy Muse
woman holding polished Peach Moonstone touchstone by Energy Muse
Peach Moonstone Touchstone
variety shot of 3 polished Peach Moonstone touchstones illustrating variety of coloring, patterns, and size by Energy Muse

Peach Moonstone Touchstone

New Beginnings • Purpose • Harmony
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As you embark on a new beginning, your Peach Moonstone Touchstone can help you stay connected to your ultimate purpose. The soft energy of this crystal encourages you to check in with yourself and what you want. Once you’re tapped in to your higher purpose, the Moonstone meaning will help you find that your life flows more harmoniously.

This crystal helps remove any tension between the life you are living and the life you want to live. Your Peach Moonstone Touchstone aligns these two concepts to ensure that you are living out your true purpose in life. Call on the energy of your Peach Moonstone crystal to enhance your intention for a new beginning and a purposeful life.

Write down one shift you’d like to make in your life as you start anew that will bring you closer to your bigger purpose. Place your Peach Moonstone Touchstone on top as a reminder to stay true to yourself and your purpose.
Place it on your Moon Manifestation grids and altars and work Peach Moonstone especially during the waning phase.

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