Pink Chalcedony Stone

Pink Chalcedony Stone

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When we have problems, we need to be sure that, whomever we get the guts to share our troubles with will hold us and our feelings with kid gloves, be gentle and non-judgmental. Our new Pink Chalcedony Tumbled Stone embodies this warm, nurturing, and safe energy. It has a powerful empathic energy, one that wants to nurture those of us going through real periods of pain and suffering, and which wants us to always remember: this too shall pass. Don’t let the candy-sweet color of these Pink Chalcedony Tumbled Stones mislead you into believing that it doesn’t have the strength required to deal with serious distress - it has the hard-won wisdom of someone in your life who has also suffered the same pain. It wants you to be gentler on yourself, to remind you that it's always okay to ask for help. It provides the grandmotherly safe harbor vibe we all need from time to time. If you’ve ever been described as someone who is too hard on themselves, our Pink Chalcedony Tumbled Stone will be the perfect partner for you as you learn to feel real compassion for yourself. As its powerful yet gentle energies infuse your own energy, you’ll find the path towards healing is that much easier to take. All Pink Chalcedony Tumbled Stones will vary very slightly in size, shape, color and pattern. Each Pink Chalcedony crystal will arrive with a card that holds information about it and its meanings.

With its sweet, milky pink coloring, Pink Chalcedony is among the highly heart-based group of pink crystals, all of which are perfect for inviting more love, gentle care, and passion and kindness (for yourself and for others) into your life. While Rose Quartz may be the most famous pink crystal, its focus is more often than not on romantic love. While this is still a noble pursuit, Pink Chalcedony’s healing energy goes many steps further, because it recognizes and exalts the fact that often our battle scars intensify the love we feel for others and for ourselves, by sheer virtue of what we had to overcome to get them. The sweetness of our self-compassion grows in parallel with the price we had to pay to get there.

Tap into Pink Chalcedony Tumbled Stone’s warm grandmotherly energy - it wants to emotionally heal you, but without any need for “tough love”; it exudes only patience, gentleness, and understanding for what you’re going through and wants to allow you to get to the next level yourself, rather than push you.

Pink Chalcedony healing properties are for anybody who has lately found themselves in a difficult situation that requires a reminder that this bad time will pass, and that you would do best for yourself by moving back into a place of grace and love. Pink Chalcedony fills you with therapeutic energies of compassion, trust and wholeness to remind you how worthy you are of your own gentleness. By nurturing you and helping you release emotional distress, your Pink Chalcedony tumbled crystal helps you as you move through the troubles you are saddled with.

If you feel drawn in by the energy of a Pink Chalcedony Tumbled Stone, you may be in need of a warm loving embrace in energetic form. Work with Pink Chalcedony in order to develop your self-healing and be less hard on yourself.

Place this strength-inspiring Pink Chalcedony Tumbled Stone in your purse, pocket or bra, or hold one in each hand as you practice meditation. Let Pink Chalcedony inspire empathy and grace for yourself as you weather one of life’s storms. It wants to remind you that the clouds will eventually clear and the sun will shine on your heart again.

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