Pink & Purple Flash Labradorite Touchstone
Pink & Purple Flash Labradorite Touchstone
Pink & Purple Flash Labradorite Touchstone

Pink & Purple Flash Labradorite Touchstone

Limitless Potential • Magic • Light
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Measures approx. 1.25" - 1.5" • Weighs 1.583 ounces
Measures approx. 1.5" - 2" • Weighs 2.162 ounces
Pink & Purple Flash Labradorite: oh, what a gem! When light dances upon it from various angles, behold a mesmerizing display of pinks, purples, and fuchsias. These elusive hues are the epitome of special, as they’re the rarest of all labradorite flashes. This iridescence is the very essence that bestows upon labradorite its mystical and otherworldly allure. Just as the flashes of light appear within the darker colors of the crystal, working with this stone guides you to see the light within the darkness of life. By helping you to see the magic and possibilities that surround you, your Pink & Purple Labradorite Touchstone opens your eyes to your true potential and shows you all that you are capable of achieving in life. Carrying a Labradorite touchstone with you everywhere you go is an especially powerful way to access this energy and keep it close as you go about your day.

Bring a Pink & Purple Flash Labradorite Touchstone into your home for decorative and energetic purposes. As a stone of limitless potential, Labradorite illuminates the possibilities that surround you. The technicolor and vibrant visual appearance of a Labradorite crystal reflects its energy. With flashes of neon light hidden by dark gray hues, Labradorite surprises the viewer with its unexpected shine.

The hidden flashes of light in a Pink & Purple Flash Labradorite Touchstone not only add interest to your home decor, but also inspire you to find the light in every situation. When the energy of your space feels dark or heavy, remember that your Labradorite Touchstone can light it up. Simply call upon the energy of your Labradorite crystal to bring positive energy to your space.

Take a moment to hold your labradorite touchstone when you need a dose of courage and magic before going out. Whether you're trying to activate a new, more vibrant career path, or just want to go out with friends and be radiant, get in sync with the healing properties of labradorite first.

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