Protection Crystal Chandelier
Group of 5 gold draped chain natural crystal chandeliers hanging on branch of a tree outside by Energy Muse
close up of gold crystal chandelier with natural black obsidian point, bell charms, evil eye charms, clear crystal faceted prism ball hanging on gold doorknob by Energy Muse
View of gold crystal chandelier with natural black obsidian point, bell charms, evil eye charms, clear crystal faceted prism ball outside by Energy Muse

Protection Crystal Chandelier

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Need protection, shielding, and a powerful way to deflect harmful or unwanted energies? Your Protection Crystal Chandelier combines the powers of shielding Black Obsidian, sacred geometry, and the intention you program it with. When you hang your crystal chandelier by a window or other prominent place, you’ll beam pure, brilliant healing energy into every inch of your space. Each chandelier will feature unique and varied charms that either break up negative energy, like bells, or ward it off completely, like the evil eye! Because your suncatcher-style crystal chandelier will hang freely, its multi-dimensional movement powerfully breaks up dense, thick, heavy energy. It will also prevent stagnant energies from affecting your space and family. Its free movement allows you to harness crystal energy in a whole new way.This piece takes artistic home decor and crystal healing to the next level, which is why we’re so excited to offer this new piece for the very first time!

Unique, limited-edition and never before seen in the Energy Muse shop, this Protection Crystal Chandelier is the perfect way to upgrade your home’s energy and decor. Because these remarkable pieces are hand-crafted and completely one-of-a-kind, no one else will have the exact same crystal chandelier as the one you receive!

With Black Obsidian close at hand, you can easily clear up the buildup of psychic smog within your aura and in your surroundings. Black Obsidian has long been touted for its metaphysical abilities and historically significant uses. This structureless rock is also known as volcanic glass because of its smooth, reflective luster.

Black Obsidian stone gets its form from volcanic lava that has cooled too rapidly to form crystalline structures. It has been used for hundreds of years to help release any disharmony that has built up in one’s day-to-day life, whether it's when you're doing work on yourself or the energy of the outside world. Black Obsidian helps you not only purge negative energy but also effectively deflect harmful energy away from your home.

The frame the main crystal is held within is a hexahedron, which is a shape in sacred geometry that connects to the energy of the Earth. This helps keep the energy of your home grounded while still being elevated by hanging your Protection Crystal Chandelier in a high place.

Due to the special, one-of-a-kind nature of the chandeliers, these pieces are final sale. This product is excluded from all coupon codes or offers.

Carefully cradle the hexahedron frame with both hands. Whisper your desired intention for the space into the crystal 3 times. Place your Protection Crystal Chandelier at the front entrance of your home, in children’s bedrooms, especially if they are experiencing nightmares, and anywhere else in your home you feel needs an extra boost of protection.

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