Pyrite Crystal - Energy Muse
Pyrite Crystals - Energy Muse
Pyrite Crystal - Energy Muse
Pyrite Crystals - Energy Muse

Pyrite Crystal Cluster

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About 1" to 2"
About 2" to 3" tall
About 3" to 4"
Because it's a top wealth stone, placing a Pyrite Crystal at work and at home invites abundance, success and wealth. It boosts your confidence and helps you to remove lack mindset and any old ideas about attracting wealth that may have held you back in the past. If you have trouble feeling worthy of wealth and prosperity, Pyrite’s gold glittery shine is a reminder that gold is already within you, and that you can shift your money mindset. Work with Pyrite to reprogram your mind, realize that all you touch turns to gold, and that you are deserving of all the wealth you desire.

There are many Pyrite benefits. Raw pyrite crystals are believed to invite in abundance. Its similarity to gold gave it its nickname, fools gold, and made it a symbol for money and good luck. The gold pyrite meaning is to help you make thoughtful financial or business decisions by guiding you in the right direction, while also providing you with the motivation in order to do so. Another pyrite meaning is to help you overcome any fears that may be blocking you from achieving success.

The raw pyrite properties also work with the solar plexus chakra. This solar plexus chakra crystal increases your willpower. A pyrite crystal inspires an energetic boost for accomplishing difficult tasks. Because a raw pyrite cluster works so well with the third chakra, it helps in overcoming bad habits or addictions and establishing new and positive habits.

A Pyrite crystal can stimulate the creative energy within many disciplines ranging from art to mathematics. Pyrite rocks are especially useful for any career or passion that requires the qualities of ambition, commitment or persistence. Its believed to increase focus, making it a great stone for students or at the office.

Raw pyrite crystals hold the earth element within them, representing the powerful energies of Mother Earth. The pyrite meaning grounds higher wisdom so you can take action in the world. It is the ideal stone to use after a meditation to ground your intuition or divine guidance so you can bring that insight into your daily life.

Because pyrite crystal holds the golden energy of the sun, it is a very positive and uplifting stone to keep in your space. It will help invite in positive energy and it is extremely protective against negative energy. Another pyrite meaning is to protect your aura and act as an energetic shield against negativity. Its reflective nature sends low vibrational energy back to where it came from so it can not infiltrate your energy field.

When you are drawn to a Raw Pyrite crystal, your spirit is vibrating on the frequency of abundance, prosperity, and success. Connect with the energy of Pyrite when you need a little encouragement, positivity and uplifting, especially when it comes to your career or passion. This stone will help you adopt a mindset of living in abundance, which will in turn bring more opportunities and positivity your way in all areas of your life.

Place your pyrite crystal on your desk or in your home to invite in abundance, increase your willpower and focus and invite positive energy into your space.

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