Mini Pyramid Dragon Head by Energy Muse
Woman holding Mini Pyrite Dragon Head to demonstrate size by Energy Muse
Woman holding Labradorite Butterfly, Blue Lace Agate Dolphin, Pyrite Dragon Head and Moss Agate Elephant crystal shapes by Energy Muse

Pyrite Dragon Head

Abundance • Wealth • Protection
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Embrace the power and prosperity of the Year of the Dragon with this magnificent Pyrite Crystal Dragon Head. This hand-carved masterpiece isn't just a stunning display piece; it's a conduit for channeling the dragon's potent energy to empower your life!

Pyrite, often called fool's gold, shimmers with a fiery brilliance, symbolizing wealth, abundance, and success. It's a stone of manifestation, attracting prosperity and amplifying your ability to achieve your goals. As you gaze into the intricate details of the dragon's head, imagine your own dreams taking shape, fueled by the dragon's fiery spirit.

But the dragon's power goes beyond material wealth: Pyrite is also a major stone of protection, shielding you from negativity and boosting your confidence. It stimulates the mind, enhancing your focus, creativity, and leadership qualities. Feel the dragon's strength coursing through you, empowering you to overcome challenges and face the world with unwavering determination.

Measures approx. 1” • Weighs approx. 0.686 ounce

Don't miss this opportunity to align yourself with the dynamic power of the Year of the Dragon! This exquisite Pyrite Dragon head is a unique and meaningful addition to any home or sacred space. It's the perfect gift for anyone seeking to unlock their potential, embrace abundance, and channel the power of the dragon.

Pyrite is also associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, governing confidence, willpower, and personal power. Owning this dragon head can help you activate and balance this chakra, further amplifying its transformative potential.

More than just a beautiful object, this mini Pyrite Dragon Head is a powerful talisman, ready to:

  • Attract abundance and prosperity
  • Enhance your willpower and determination
  • Boost your creativity and mental clarity
  • Shield you from negativity and bring good luck
  • Connect you to the powerful energy of the dragon

A Pyrite Dragon Head is the perfect addition to your office desk, business or workspace. Seeing its shiny, gold appearance on a daily basis will help you to recognize alternative solutions and accept the opportunities that you hadn't yet considered. Working with Pyrite will motivate you to take the necessary risks in your business, while the earthly grounding energy helps you maintain a realistic, but positive outlook.

Anything that requires commitment, ambition, determination and persistence can benefit through your work with your Pyrite Dragon. From the classroom to the office, this stone will increase your motivation so that you can create your best work yet. The welcoming aura of opulence that radiates from your being while working with the Pyrite meaning will attract people, opportunities, luck and so much more your way. So just be ready to have the true power of abundance knocking at your door!

Hold your Pyrite Dragon Head in your non-writing hand while you write down everything you want to manifest in the Year of the Dragon. Gaze into the glimmering surface of your crystal and visualize your intentions in as much detail as possible.

Carry your Pyrite Dragon Head in your pocket to keep that fiery, empowering energy with you at all times. Take it out and gaze into it whenever you feel your confidence, motivation, or hopefulness begin to weaken.

A Pyrite Dragon Head is also the perfect addition to your office desk, business or workspace!

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