Pyrite Money Tree
Pyrite Money Tree
Pyrite Money Tree
Pyrite Money Tree
Pyrite Money Tree

Pyrite Money Tree

Wealth • Prosperity • Abundance
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Pyrite shimmers with the golden energy of abundance and prosperity. By boosting your confidence and raising your vibration, Pyrite helps you to attract the wealth you desire and deserve. Although money doesn’t grow on trees, your magnetic money energy can with the new Pyrite Gem Tree! This shimmery golden Pyrite Gem Tree encourages explosive financial growth to enter into your life. Pyrite is the top good luck stone that boosts your own ability to manifest in all ways, but especially financially. Think of your Pyrite Gem Tree as your good fortune lucky charm, helping you discover new opportunities for success and grow without limits. By enhancing your ability to attract abundance and magnify your money vibes, Pyrite makes money grow as abundantly as leaves on trees.

Measures approx. 2.5" tall x 1.5” wide base • Weighs approx. 1.933 ounces

Country of origin: Peru

The Pyrite Gem Tree harnesses the rich energy of the Pyrite meaning to help you turn your wildest dreams into reality. From your finances to your career and other aspects of your life, this twinkling and sparkling crystal home decor is the ultimate manifestation tool for attracting new possibilities and opportunities.

Your Pyrite Gem Tree guides you to break down the beliefs and behaviors that limit your potential. It helps you to imagine what you could achieve if there was nothing holding you back, and then encourages you to pursue those goals. By identifying and removing these energetic obstacles, your path to success becomes clear. Every time you catch a glimpse of the Pyrite Tree itself or the sparkling reflections on your home's walls, you'll be reminded you that you are capable and deserving of everything you desire, all you have to do is expand your idea of what is possible and then go after it!

Place your Pyrite Gem Tree at your office or workplace, home office, or a central place in your home where it will catch and reflect golden light and keep the vibration high.

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