Rainbow Obsidian Touchstone

Rainbow Obsidian Touchstone

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Think back to a painful period in your life - all you could see was the pain, right? It was only an abyss of pitch black darkness, and you could not lift your eyes away to perceive anything beyond it. For times of grief like these, Rainbow Obsidian Touchstone reminds you that there is a rainbow waiting for you once you move through the darkness. Its energy is all about leaving the past behind to move forward. Whether you’re going through a loss or heartbreak, this Rainbow Obsidian touchstone crystal gently guides you to sit and reflect, work through your emotions, and attain a deepened understanding of your resilient heart. All Rainbow Obsidian Touchstones will vary slightly in size, shape, color and pattern. Each comes with a card that holds the information about the crystals and their meanings.

As you peer into the mesmerizing layers of colors within Rainbow Obsidian Crystal, you are reminded of the stages of growth you can reach through connecting to the energy of this stone. Rainbow Obsidian meaning is all about progress and learning to leave the past in the past. Whether you’re suffering from a loss or a heartbreak, working with Rainbow Obsidian’s healing properties will assist you in reflecting on, and learning from, the difficult situation at hand, so that you can turn it into a beautiful layer of growth and move forward.

The bands of multicolored iridescence that give this particular Obsidian variety its depth are caused by the molten lava cooling at different times. These bands become particularly apparent when polished, like these touchstones. While Rainbow Obsidian is stunning in appearance, it is also incredibly strong when broken. Ancient civilizations used Obsidian to cut through objects. As volcanic glass, Obsidian fractures into sharp pieces that were functional for spears or slicing devices. Maybe that is what gives Rainbow Obsidian meaning the energy of resilience and severance. Even when Rainbow Obsidian breaks, it discovers a new strength and range of possible uses.

Rainbow Obsidian energy connects to the heart chakra to help you remove toxic ties. There’s nothing quite like a loss or a breakup to make you feel like you’re as delicate as glass. Rainbow Obsidian reminds you of your resilience, so that you can recognize all of the beauty and strength that remains, even after the experience you went through. Helping to simply remove the negativity that is attached to the experience, Rainbow Obsidian allows you to look back with a clear mind. Instead of examining things through the lens of heartbreak, reflect with the energy of compassion and understanding that rainbow obsidian lends you. Once you’ve accepted the things that you can’t change, you can learn, grow and leave them in the past.

If you are drawn to a Rainbow Obsidian Touchstone, there may be something your spirit is ready to let go of. This stone reminds you that it may hurt now, but you will make it through. Whether it is grief or heartbreak, let the Rainbow Obsidian meaning heal your heart chakra and help you move forward to a brighter tomorrow.

Place your Rainbow Obsidian touchstone over your heart for 11 minutes. See it absorbing any grief, sadness or pain, and then filling your heart with its spirited rainbow energy.

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