Raw Green Amethyst
Raw Green Amethyst
Raw Green Amethyst
Raw Green Amethyst

Raw Green Amethyst

Power • Abundance • Growth
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Discover the profound power of Raw Green Amethyst, resonating with the vibrant green energy ray that connects deeply to your heart chakra. This magnificent crystal goes beyond the ordinary purple Amethyst, delving into uncharted emotional depths to support your well-being and inner balance. Embrace the versatility of Amethyst, revered for its association with the crown chakra, the wellspring of wisdom and intelligence. By incorporating raw green Amethyst into your crystal arsenal, you unlock unparalleled mental clarity, shrewdness, and strategic thinking abilities, especially in matters of finance, wealth, and opportunity. Elevate your money crystal game with this extraordinary stone that unlocks success and abundance in every facet of your life. Get ready to thrive!

Green Amethyst, also known as Prasiolite, is a very powerful spiritual stone. It helps to further your spiritual growth, enhancing your spiritual practice and ideals in your everyday life. The Green Amethyst meaning fosters compassion, self-acceptance and self-honor to ignite love and compassion within your heart. The Green Amethyst healing properties are also powerful for clearing negative energy from your mind, body and spirit.

Green Amethyst brings high vibrational energy of the divine through your heart chakra to connect you with your higher self. They serve as a gentle reminder that we are all part of this universe and we should embrace the energy of unconditional love. If you often lack self-confidence or self-worth, working with the Green Amethyst meaning will help to uplift you to foster a deeper appreciation and acceptance of yourself and your talents.

A Green Amethyst stone is an excellent healing stone to use to ground yourself to the energy of the Earth. Meditating while holding these stones, or simply having them in your space, facilitates a strong connection with Mother Earth, allowing for powerful healing energy to flow up through your feet to your heart. These healing stones help to remove any negative energy within your mind, body and space, replacing it with renewed positive energy.

Place your raw green amethyst in your money crystal grids, altars, and also in your workplace or home office.

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