Raw Rose Quartz - Energy Muse
Raw Rose Quartz - Energy Muse

Raw Rose Quartz

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The energy emitted from this Raw Rose Quartz is pure, unpolished, unfiltered LOVE. With the flawless energy of Earth, you can use Raw Rose Quartz to nourish your heart chakra with self-love, romantic love, familial love and a love for life!

The energy coming off of these Raw Rose Quartz specimen is pure, unpolished, unfiltered LOVE. Everyone can use a little unconditional love in their life, like the kind we get from our pets. But if meditating with a greyhound in your lap sounds unfeasible, Rose Quartz is always an alternative source where you can get your unconditional love. With the flawless energy of the Earth, you can use Raw Rose Quartz to nourish your heart chakra with self-love, romantic love, familial love and love for life.

Rose Quartz benefits include attracting love, calming your emotions and rejuvenating your emotional body. Raw Rose Quartz also helps to cleanse your auric energy field to release stress, tension, anger - facilitating the forgiveness of yourself and others. Its soothing and calming energy helps to replace these negative energies with feelings of faith, peace and hope for the future. When you hold a piece of raw rose quartz in your hands, you feel immersed in a bubble of gentle, soothing, loving energy. Of all the crystals for love, rose quartz crystals have the softest and gentlest energy.

When it comes to the best rose quartz uses, load up your bedroom and space with Raw Rose Quartz. Sometimes we forget how to love - we know what love should be, what it should feel like and what it means to live in the vibration of love, and a rose quartz crystal can serve as that simple reminder. Having it in your environment helps to constantly program your mind to live from your heart. Rose Quartz emits a gentleness and that energy permeates your space to fill it with the energy of love. When you feel sad, upset or pissed off, your raw rose quartz stares back at you, helping you to shift your mentality and energy, triggering the release of unconditional love within you.

If your spirit reaches for a Raw Rose Quartz crystal, it's asking for more love! That may be more love from yourself, friends, romantic partners or family members. Whatever kind of love you need, Rose Quartz is your crystal ally to help you align yourself with the energy of love.

Raw Rose Quartz is also helpful in facilitating forgiveness and tenderness within existing relationships. If you are harboring any resentment, pain, anger or frustration toward someone you love, Rose Quartz will help your heart let go of that negativity so you can have only love in your heart.

Place a piece of raw Rose Quartz at the four corners of your bed to bring more love into the bedroom. Also, place a piece in your bedroom in the place that you see first when you walk into the bedroom - this helps to activate that energy of love the second you walk into your room.

Meditate with your raw rose quartz to activate your heart chakra and fill your body with positive vibrations.

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