Red Jasper Point
Red Jasper Point
Red Jasper Point

Red Jasper Point

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Measures approx. 3.5" - 4.5" tall • Weighs approx. 2.78 ounces
About 1" to 2" tall
About 2" to 3" tall
In order to build the future you want, you have to lay the proper foundation. Red Jasper is the stone to use when you're looking to create stability and progress in your life. By helping you tap into your willpower, Red Jasper enables you to pursue your passion with determination. Use a Red Jasper Point to set an intention to see your goals through.

When you work with a Red Jasper Point, you strengthen your spirit with both balance and conviction. This is a great stone to seek out when you keep putting off the changes that you'd like to make. If you're procrastinating on tasks that you need to take action on, Red Jasper has the energy to motivate you. Let a Red Jasper Point be the starting point for your goals.

Red Jasper will help you to lay the groundwork for the future you want. Use it in meditation to fill yourself with willpower and determination, or use your point to set an intention for a goal you'd like to accomplish. Having a Red Jasper Point in your space will serve as a visual reminder to stop procrastinating and stay consistent with your intention.

If you're feeling drawn to a Red Jasper Point, it's time to get focused and start making moves toward your goals. Red Jasper energy likes to push our spirit in the direction it knows it needs to go. So when the spirit reaches for a Red Jasper Point, it's ready to stop hesitating and start making progress.

You can either use your Red Jasper Point in meditation to increase your willpower, or to set an intention for your goals. To use it in meditation, simply hold the Red Jasper Point in your hand with the tip of the point facing inward toward your body. This directs the motivating energy of Red Jasper into the spirit. You can use the Red Jasper Point to set an intention by writing your intention on a piece of paper. Then hold the Red Jasper Point in your hand and state your intention aloud or in your head 3 times. Fold the piece of paper with your written intention, and set your Red Jasper Point on top.

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