Rhodonite Adjustable Ring
Rhodonite Adjustable Ring

Rhodonite Adjustable Ring

Self-Love • Emotional Healing • Forgiveness
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If you are going through emotionally stormy times, it’s hard to see how you’ll ever feel better again. Tame the emotional storms when you wear this Rhodonite Adjustable Ring. Your Rhodonite crystal ring helps eradicate self-blame, fear, resentment and blame and instead inspire strong, unconditional self-love. Each crystal will vary slightly in color, pattern, shape and size.

Open-front sterling silver band • 2 genuine Rhodonite crystals

Derived from the Greek word rhodon, meaning “rose,” this Rhodonite Crystal Ring will help make your outlook on life and on your own fallibility with rose-colored glasses. Black and white manganese come together to form this tender, warmhearted pink love stone. It is associated with love because of its self-compassion, self-worth, and forgiveness energies. For this reason, Rhodonite is also known as “the rescue stone.”

Forgiveness isn't easy, especially when it's ourselves that we have to forgive. The pain we cause ourselves endures the longest. Without forgiveness, we are doomed to feelings of regret, sadness, self-doubt and low self-esteem. Forgiving yourself will not only free you of that burden, it will open you up to revived self-worth and emotional balance. The unconditional love that the Rhodonite meaning embodies is an energy to aspire to when memories of past mistakes come back to test your self-love. In connecting with the solar plexus and heart chakras, this crystal nourishes us with love from within. Only once we forgive and begin to love, can our spirit discover the passion and potential it desires.

Take the lessons that you learn from this stone about how to better treat yourself, and apply them to everyone you know and meet. Everyone is struggling with their own internal battles. Rhodonite encourages you to remember this when you see someone having a bad day, and to lend kindness and support. This loving stone gives you the confidence to reach out with a helping hand. By connect to your heart chakra, to provide love, and your solar plexus chakra, to offer motivation, Rhodonite ensures that your actions are fueled by love. As a crystal for meditation, Rhodonite will bring you to a place of love and humanity within yourself. Repeat a mantra to deepen the peaceful meditation you find with Rhodonite Crystal Ring.

Wear on the finger of your choice; gently pull open or push closed depending on the size desired. Say your intention out loud three times.

Throughout the day, every time you catch a glimpse of your Rhodonite Crystal Ring on your finger, bring your intention to mind.
Before you go to sleep, take your Rhodonite Stone Ring off and place it on top of a Selenite crystal to cleanse.

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