front view of a genuine Rose Quartz crystal Buddha head carving statue by Energy Muse
a genuine Rose Quartz crystal Buddha head carving statue that&

Rose Quartz Buddha Head

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Infuse your favorite spaces with Rose Quartz Buddha Head crystal figurine’s sweet, nurturing energies of unconditional love. A Buddha head represents reaching enlightenment. The three-dimensional ushnisha on the top of the head is said to represent expanded wisdom. The urna is a dot on his forehead that also represents the great wisdom of the enlightened Buddha. This crystal carving is perfect for: bedrooms, gardens, decorative fountains, yoga, reiki, or meditation spaces. Looking at a Buddha reminds you to nurture yourself, stay centered, breathe, be still and reconnect to the calm that resides within. Because this Buddha is made out of Rose Quartz crystal, it has a high vibrational energy that helps to nourish the spirit with feelings of love and forgiveness. This dreamy soft pink Rose Quartz is lovingly carved in the image of the Buddha. It provides both a peaceful energy and a gentle loving energy.

Known as the stone of unconditional love, the gentle energy of this Rose Quartz Buddha Head will bring you compassionate healing when you need it most. The Rose Quartz Buddha Head harnesses the Rose Quartz crystal healing properties to create a crystal statue with layered crystal energy + symbology powers.

The Buddha statue represents enlightenment. When made out of Rose Quartz crystal, this statue emits a loving, heart-warming energy that calms and relieves stress.

Work with this Rose Quartz Buddha Head by placing it in your bedroom or sacred spaces and connecting with it allows you to channel these powerful energies for your own spiritual practices. Whether you are meditating, setting intentions, manifesting, or clearing your own energy, this Rose Quartz Buddha Head crystal carving can guide you to an elevated state of love, compassion, deep tranquility and wisdom.

To align with the Rose Quartz Crystal Buddha, hold it in your right hand. As you hold it, take 7 breaths following this breath pattern: inhale for 7 counts, hold for 7 counts, then exhale for 7 counts. Visualize yourself entering a state of peace and calm. You can also place your Rose Quartz Buddha carving in your gardens, decorative water fountains, yoga, reiki, or meditation spaces, bedroom, desk at work or school.

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