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Woman holding rose quartz curled cat crystal carving by Energy Muse
Crystal cats, butterflies and bees at home by Energy Muse

Rose Quartz Cat Crystal

Love • Compassion • Self-Trust
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Cats teach you to be self-sufficient and independent. Their energy is all about telling you to trust in your own capabilities and instincts over what other advice you may be given. When combined with the energy of Rose Quartz, which is concerned with unconditional and ever-growing love, your Rose Quartz cat crystal carving will be your support as you open your heart to new experiences and trust yourself.

Measures approx. 1½" • Weighs approx. 1.02 ounces

Looking at this Rose Quartz Crystal Cat each day will be your visual reminder to love yourself and stay curious, wily and independent! The loving energy of Rose Quartz will help you to embrace every aspect that makes you who you are. Place this Rose Quartz Cat in your room to bring out your inner spirit animal.

Cats symbolize independence & the courage to be curious and explore. Connecting with the energy of a Rose Quartz Cat fills you with love, so that you approach everything with a loving essence. It’s not always easy to show up to situations or other people with loving understanding, but that’s where you can stay true to yourself like an indepedent and self-reliant cat. The more you tap into the Rose Quartz properties of compassion, universal love and kindness, the more you will lean into your self-trust, courage, and endless curiosity!

If you are drawn to a Rose Quartz Crystal Cat, you are probably need to tap into the cat's traits. Let your loving inner cat explore!

Hold your Rose Quartz cat crystal when you need a dose of self-love and self-trust. We love carrying it around with us for a little extra four-legged friend support!

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