Rose Quartz Dish
Rose Quartz Dish

Rose Quartz Dish

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ALL SALE ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE • COMES WITH THE DISH ONLY • Standalone dish is about 2.5-3"
ALL SALE ITEMS ARE FINAL SALE • COMES WITH THE BRUSH ONLY • Silicone brush measures about 5.5" long
Standalone Dish is about 2.5-3" • Silicone Brush is about 5.5"
Evolve your beauty ritual with this gorgeous 100% Rose Quartz dish. It’s got just enough of a lip to carefully cradle your favorite skincare masks and to use as a beautiful palette for mixing your serums, lotions, oils and more. Because you are including it in your beauty and self-care rituals, your Rose Quartz dish will be a very essential and effective element when manifesting romance and love intentions. At-home skincare masking is an easy way to remind yourself of how worthy of the love of others you are and, to amplify the caring of your self-care ritual, of how worthy you are of loving yourself!

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Rose Quartz is the ultimate beauty stone, used for centuries to attract love to oneself, including self-love. It’s gorgeous light pink hues put a smile on your face as you apply your makeup, which makes you look even more beautiful. Incorporating Rose Quartz in your beauty routines amplifies your sense of how worthy you are of this and all the acts of self-care in which you take part. Enhance the feeling of love within your spirit with every use of your Rose Quartz dish in your beauty rituals.


Mindfully portion out the adequate amount of skincare mask, oil, serum or other facial beauty product, mix well with a silicone brush, and apply gently onto the skin. Alternatively, this Rose Quartz dish can be used to hold and display small jewelry or touchstones on your vanity or nightstand.
Because the dish is 100% genuine crystal, feel free to press the rounded end into your palms for a bit of cooling acupressure.