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Sage Aroma Oil

Sage Aroma Oil

Purifying • Clearing • Removes Negativity Energy
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Use Sage in a new way with this must-have Sage aroma oil. Sage is a plant whose scent is revered for its ability to purify, protect and elevate any space. The new California White Sage Aroma Oil imbues spaces that have stuck energy with a boost of positivity and neutralizes smoke and other odors. Scent helps to set a mood and cement an intention, which is why we love anointing our candles and crystals with aroma oils! They add another layer of energetic power, keeping your vibration focused, which helps your intentions come to pass at a quicker rate.

1.7 fluid ounce • For external use only. Do not apply to skin.

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Sage is a plant whose scent is revered for its ability to purify, protect and elevate space. Not exclusive to space, sage aroma oil is also a powerful ally for easing emotional flurries, and freeing the spirit up to accept the light of positivity. The influence that sage oil steam can have on one’s spirit and space lies within their intention.

For sage aroma oil cleansing to work, you must focus your energy on a clear intention before heating it it. With a raised awareness, we ascend beyond the energy clogs that blocked our intentions from maturing into reality. We are able to see situations more clearly, and our mind becomes open to forgiveness, compromise and other forms of emotional progress.

Heating sage aroma oil can have a significant impact when used after an argument, after an illness, before and after parties, after an intense workout, prior to meditation, when moving into a new space and during periods of grieving. When using sage aroma oil around your space, be certain to pay extra attention to gateway areas like windows, doorways, hallways and closets. Make sure windows are open to allow ventilation so that the steam does not become overwhelming.

Along with its healing properties for the spirit, the steam of sage aroma oil can instantly neutralize any odors in your home, which makes it a safe and natural alternative to other room sprays or air fresheners. If you feel a sense of heaviness in your home, it would also be a good time to give each room a sage aroma oil session, which will clear and purify the air. We also recommend heating sage oil before any type of therapeutic session, whether it’s meditation, yoga, or another type of self-care.


1. Rub a bit of oil onto the actual wax of a candle. Dig a small hole in the candle itself and pour a little bit of oil in for longer-lasting aromatherapy.

2. Add between 3 to 5 drops of your Sage aroma oil in a diffuser. Plug the power cord into a power outlet. Refill water as necessary to create steam. Feel your auric field and the energy of your spaces lift be cleared of heavy, harmful, stagnant, unhelpful energy.

3. Another way Heather uses aroma oils is rubbing crystals for a richer, more powerful energy work experience!

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