Sakura Jasper Point
Sakura Jasper Point
Sakura Jasper Point

Sakura Jasper Point

Living in the Present • Taking Action • Growth
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Measures approx. 2.25" - 2.75" • Weighs approx. 2.233 ounces
Measures approx. 3" - 4" • Weighs approx. 3.233 ounces

It's time for you to bloom, and Sakura Jasper will help you blossom into your best, highest self now. Work with this gorgeous crystal point to bring life to your creativity, self-esteem, and ability to grow. Sakura Jasper (also known as Cherry Blossom Jasper and Rhyolite Green Flower Jasper) features darker hues and more movement, encouraging you to take that first step forward, knowing you’ll be okay.

The time for your life to bloom is now! Don’t wait until you get your dream job, partner, weight, bank account balance – simply live now!

Sakura Jasper, also known as Cherry Blossom Jasper and Rhyolite Green Flower Jasper, combines Jasper's nurturing and grounding energies with Rhyolite's energies that are all about recognizing your highest potential and the personal agency you have to go after your dreams: all with a renewed sense of energy and zest. Together, Sakura Jasper clears away self-doubt and replaces it with a confident "I've got this" attitude.

Jasper properties are known for helping to inspire you to act on your passions, and act NOW. Your Sakura Jasper Point's direct, focused energy wants you to start living now; don't wait for your dream job, your ideal weight, your perfect partner, or any number of ideal scenarios that are stopping you from actually going for it and trying to reach your highest potential! 

By inspiring a positive, joyful attitude, working with the Jasper meaning and uses will help you have the energy, inspiration and motivation to take action and make your dreams come true, now!

Rhyolite is a combination stone, which gives it unique patterns of specs and swirls. The synergistic effects of different minerals and their interactions also work to create an even higher vibration of healing energy. And when it comes to expressing your creative self, the Rhyolite crystal healing properties work to keep negativity from smothering the whimsical and playful abandon of your vibrant inner spirit.

Place your Sakura Jasper Point somewhere in your home where you will see it each day. Place it over your written intentions to infuse them with its powerful growth frequencies.

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