Seer Stone Set

Seer Stone Set

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Seer Stones are naturally river-tumbled, giving them an almost frosted white appearance on the outside. Once it's cut and partially polished, though, the Seer Stone now features a beautiful window that is often extremely clear! These windows are what give Seer Stones their name: perfect for divinations, these stones grant you a super clear window for any answers or messages you've been seeking. Seer Stones are also known as Half-Polished Window crystals and Ema Eggs, as they are found in the Ema River in Brazil. This box set features 6 stone varieties: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Crystal Quartz, Apatite, Green Quartz, Orange Calcite.

Almost as magical as actual crystal balls, this illuminating Seer Stone Set features 6 unique crystal varieties that are partially polished and include a dazzling faceted window side that is great for use during scrying and divination sessions, or even when you’re confronted with something in your life where you’d like to gain some insights.

Use the range of crystals in this set to get specific with the insights you’re seeking; they also make great worry stones that you can take with you everywhere you go.

Rose Quartz: use this stone for all questions related to love: romantic love, familial love, self-love and more.

Blue Apatite: Pull yourself out of mental or emotional fogs and immerse you into bright positivity when you’re able to see what possibilities abound.

Amethyst: Incredibly helpful if you’re working on connecting with your inner wisdom and knowledge, or are you on a spiritual journey to elevate your energy.

Clear Quartz: If you find it difficult to answer when someone asks you what you want in life, or if you know what you want but find it challenging to make it a reality, using your Clear Quartz seer stone helps you get the energy of clarity and manifestation.

Green Quartz: use this stone when you need insight and illumination when it comes to opportunities, good fortune and prosperity, and goal-based questions.

Orange Calcite: If you aren’t sure what your passion or purpose is, or need help breaking through a creative block, work with your Orange Calcite seer stone.

Keep your Seer Stones Set in your sacred altar, by your desk where you journal, any meditative spaces like studios or backyards, or anywhere else you want to do divination work.

You can also place each Seer Stone in an appropriate place: for example, you can place your Clear Quartz at your desk, Green Quartz at work, Rose Quartz wherever you do your morning beauty routines, etc.

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