carved Selenite angel pendant necklace by Energy Muse
woman wearing Selenite angel carving necklace by Energy Muse

Selenite Angel Necklace

Healing Light • Protection • Clearing Negativity
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Miracles are all around you, but sometimes you just can’t see them. This crystal combination of Selenite and an angel shape can open your eyes and your heart to miracles of all kinds! Your Selenite Angel will help to clear out any energies blocking you from experiencing the miracles around you. One of our favorite uses for the Selenite crystal is energy clearing and cleansing.

A Selenite necklace is one of the most powerful ways to work with the energy of this high vibrational stone because it allows you to keep the crystal close to you at all times. The crystal within the necklace works to purify your energy field and clear away all lower vibrations, leaving you feeling uplifted and vibrating at a higher frequency. Because Selenite clears and cleanses your mind, body and spirit of all negative or unwanted energy, it has a highly protective quality. The bubble of light that this stone provides helps to shield you from lower vibrations in the world around you. 

These Selenite angel pendant necklaces are all unique and will vary slightly in size, shape, appearance and color.

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