Selenite Healing Kit

Selenite Healing Kit

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Ready to upgrade your healing with more advanced and sophisticated pieces? The new Selenite Healing Kit is for you: it features 4 unique colors of AA-grade Selenite: 3 wands and 1 extremely clear plate. Each wand is a cutting device - think of them as scalpels you can use for precise energetic surgery! You deserve to be as charged, cleansed, and taken care of as your crystals are. Jumpstart your healing with up-leveled tools and a quick practice.

1 ice-clear Selenite plate - use this incredibly powerful plate after your energy-cutting rituals to fill yourself back up with pure, high-vibrational light. After your ritual, place your wands on the Selenite plate to charge them.

1 golden Selenite wand - use this wand for precise energy healing over the area of your body between your belly button and your knees.

1 yellow Selenite wand - use this wand for refined energy clearing around your head and eyes.

1 green Selenite wand - best used specifically over your heart/chest area.

Every single piece of Selenite in the kit was hand-collected in Utah and is considered AA-grade, and each piece features a unique saturation of color. These Selenite pieces were lightly polished, cleaned and charged under a waterfall (that’s fed by fresh spring water) by Mother Earth.


After you cleanse your crystals, program them with your intention.

1. Hold each crystal in your hands and say aloud or in your head: I activate this crystal.

2. Then, say your intention for your crystal out loud 3 times. Now your crystal is ready to use!


Explore new, high-vibrational crystal work that enhances your inner self-worth and gets your mind, body, and soul back into balance.

1. Create a dedicated space for your crystals. Place your Selenite Plate down, with your 3 Selenite wands on top of it.

2. Place your crystal wands individually over any chakra center you need deeper healing in, or combine all in a body layout. You can also use your Selenite plate on any of the seven chakras.

3. When you're finished, place your wands back on your plate to charge and cleanse.

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