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Selenite Charging Bowl
Three Sizes of Selenite Charging Bowls (small, medium and large)
Selenite Charging Bowl

Selenite Charging Bowl

Charging • Cleansing • Clearing
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Round shape • About 4" in diameter
Round shape • Approx. 2" in diameter and approx. 1" tall
Round shape • About 6" in diameter
A Selenite bowl is the ideal way to store and charge your crystals simultaneously. This small bowl made of Selenite crystal can hold your stones while charging and cleansing them so you don’t have to worry about clearing your crystals! Choose from three sizes of round selenite bowls.

Instead of leaving your crystals hidden away in a box or drawer where you never interact with them, store them in a Selenite Bowl. This crystal bowl is a functional way to store your crystals from both an energetic and organizational standpoint, since it keeps them neat and tidy while also clearing your crystals for you.

When you are not using them, place your smaller crystals in a Selenite Bowl to clear and cleanse their energy. Selenite, one of the highest vibrational crystals, cleanses the energy of other crystals and recharges them so they can work for you at their highest potential. By removing low vibrational energy from your stones, the Selenite with this bowl ensures that your crystals are ready to hold your intention.

You can use this Selenite Charging Bowl as an energy tool or a functional container, or both. If using the bowl for its charging properties, you can rotate which stones are placed within it every night so that each group gets cleansed for at least four hours. You can also store your crystals in your Selenite Bowl each and every night as a way to keep your stones organized. This allows you to do away with any box or drawer where you can’t see or interact with your crystals, since crystals love to be held and looked at often.

PLEASE NOTE: Because these bowls are made from natural Selenite crystals, they may have small chips or imperfections from the polishing process. They are each unique and special, and no two are the same!

Place your tumbled stones or other small crystals in your Selenite Bowl to restore and charge their energy to the highest frequency. You can keep your crystals in the bowl by your bed, in your living space, or anywhere else in your home.

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