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Collection of Rare crystals found at the Tucson Gem show 2024 by Energy Muse, including Selenite Lithium, Pink Lemurian, Stibnite and Moonstone with Sunstone

Selenite Lithium Slab

Peace • Soothing Anxiety • Clearing Negativity
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Measures approx. 4.75" - 5.75" • Weighs approx. 4.725 ounces
Measures approx. 6" - 7" • Weighs approx. 6.202 ounces
Measures approx. 7" - 9" • Weighs approx. 6.7 ounces

Introducing the Selenite Lithium Slab: found at the Tucson Gem Show and your gateway to tranquility and inner peace. Crafted from the purest form of Selenite, and infused with the calmative properties of Lithium, this mesmerizing slab is more than just a decorative piece; it's a portal to serenity.

Picture this: you come home after a long, stressful day, your mind buzzing with worries and tension. As you lay your eyes on the Selenite Lithium Slab, you feel an instant wave of calm wash over you. Its gentle, nurturing energy envelops you, melting away the stresses of the day and leaving you feeling centered and at ease.

This Selenite Lithium Slab is a beautiful piece of natural crystal that is said to promote feelings of peace, tranquility, and harmony. Its gentle energy is believed to cleanse and purify the surrounding space, creating a positive and uplifting atmosphere.

Here are some of the benefits of owning a Selenite Lithium Slab:

Promotes relaxation and stress relief: The calming energy of the Selenite Lithium Slab is believed to help ease anxiety and promote feelings of peace and serenity.

Enhances intuition and spiritual awareness: Some believe that this crystal can help to strengthen intuition and connection to the spiritual realm.

Cleanses and purifies your space: Selenite is known for its cleansing properties, and the Lithium is thought to amplify this effect, creating a more positive and balanced environment.

Why You Need a Selenite Lithium Slab:
If you are looking for a way to create a more peaceful and harmonious environment in your home or workplace, the Selenite Lithium Slab is a perfect choice. It is also a beautiful piece of natural crystal that can be enjoyed simply for its aesthetic qualities.

The lithium within the chemistry of lepidolite is ultra stabilizing. Whether it's addiction, stress, obsessive thoughts or another type of negative pattern you often fall into, the lithium within lepidolite will stabilize your emotional state. In this place of active calm, you can be aware, but not reactive. This will give you a moment to make a better decision, and avoid the pitfalls of your past. With a tranquil and harmonious essence, lepidolite aids you in forming a new approach to life with patterns of positivity.

Your Selenite Lithium Slab is a must in pretty much every living space, but especially your bedroom and workplace. Why? Because these clearing and calming energies work together to remove any difficult emotions so you can proceed in a state of peace, calm, and centeredness, where lower vibrations can't affect you.

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