Selenite Moon Crystal
Selenite Moon Crystal

Selenite Moon Crystal

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As a stone connected to the energy of light, Selenite is the ideal stone to represent the moon. These moon-shaped Selenite crystals help you access the high vibrational energy of Selenite, while being guided by the luminous energy of the moon. Connect with your Selenite moon for any lunar practice, or daily to harness the energies of Selenite and the moon to set intentions and manifest your goals.

Harness the powerful energies of Selenite crystal and the moon with these Selenite Moon crystals. As a high vibration stone that embodies light, Selenite helps to raise your vibration and purify your energy field of any negativity. In the shape of a moon, this Selenite crystal helps to guide your spirit on your unique path. Whether you are manifesting new intentions or discovering your purpose and passion, this Selenite Moon crystal is the ideal energy tool to support you on your journey.

Although this Selenite Moon can be used effectively in a daily practice, setting intentions for this specific crystal on a full or new moon can magnify its energy. To get the most out of your Selenite Moon crystal, we recommend working with it in alignment with the lunar cycles. Set an intention for something you want to cultivate on the new moon, and something you want to release on the full moon. You can change your intentions every cycle, or stick with the ones that need extra time to come to fruition.

Write down your intentions and place them underneath your Selenite Moon on a full moon or new moon to work with the lunar cycle for manifesting your intentions.

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