Selenite Orgone Dodecahedron
Selenite Orgone Dodecahedron
Selenite Orgone Dodecahedron

Selenite Orgone Dodecahedron

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Having trouble sleeping, or do you sense thick and uncomfortable energy in your bedroom? Convert the energy from negative to positive with the new Selenite Orgone Dodecahedron. Bridging the 2 worlds of shape and mineral, this is a powerful transmutation device. It combines several platonic solid/sacred geometry shapes: each of its 12 sides is in the shape of a pentagon. It also includes a beautiful and mesmerizing Flower of Life grid decoration on one side. The genuine Selenite crystal within the dodecahedron is not in a single solid chunk; it is dispersed in tiny crystal chips which amplify the dynamic, stagnation-breaking movement and energy.

These Selenite Orgone Dodecahedrons symbolize the energy of the universe and divine creation, holding the energy of “ether”, the element that the heavens were made of. It is connected with the higher chakras (5th, 6th, 7th and higher), embodying the energies of meditation, awareness, awakening, higher consciousness and spirituality. This sacred geometry shape is connected with the higher self and the divine, making it one of the ideal crystals for meditation. The energy held within the Dodecahedron-and-crystal combination will help to raise your vibration and energize your entire body. It is also very beneficial to place this crystal within your space, as it fills the entire space around it with its high vibration. These devices raise and amplify the energy level of your space, especially the areas of your living spaces that are dank, dark, usually neglected and don’t usually see a lot of activity. Place your Selenite Dodecahedron under your bed, which will benefit highly from this shape’s transmuting and clearing powers.

The addition of the Selenite crystal chips make this particular orgone shape perfect for areas where there has recently been lots of arguments, or perhaps lots of intermingling, piled-up energy like a shared restroom at work. The Selenite energy that this dodecahedron radiates outward infuses any space it’s placed in with peace and protection.

Take your meditative and sacred practices to a higher, more healing place with this powerful transmutation device: the combination of organic and inorganic materials in the Orgone Selenite Dodecahedron make for a powerful energetic transmutation tool. When you’re in a battle with negative frequencies in the spaces you’re in, it affects your personal energy field, as humans are electrical. When you place your Orgone dodecahedron in less-frequented areas of your home, each element (crystal, metal (inorganic), resin (organic)) works together to take in negative energy and put out positive energy.

This incredible Orgone Dodecahedron contains genuine Selenite chips and an intricate Flower of Life and Lotus gold-polished metal medallion. Each dodecahedron will vary very slightly in size, shape, color, opacity, and pattern.

Orgone means life force and sometimes also referred to as Prana, Universal Energy, Ch’i and more. Orgones interact with your life force, and the life force of your spaces, to transmute negative energy into positive. And once everything is sublimated and you’re balanced, everything works better, both mind and body.

This healing tool emits healing, life-enhancing energy and offers protection against EMFs.

Place your Orgone Selenite Dodecahedron under your bed if you are having trouble sleeping or don't feel at ease while in your bedroom.


Place your Orgone Selenite Dodecahedron under your bed if you are having trouble sleeping or don't feel at ease while in your bedroom.

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