Serpentine Heart
Serpentine Heart
Serpentine Heart
Serpentine Heart

Serpentine Heart

Growth • Transformation • Renewal
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Like a serpent outgrows and sheds its skin, this Serpentine Heart will help you shed what no longer serves you, allowing you to evolve. Your Serpentine heart guides you to identify what you want because it helps you through your transformation. This healing stone is filled with wisdom and intuition to guide you toward your highest purpose. With your purpose shining like your north star, you can move through transformative periods in life with strength and clarity. Get closer to living your dreams with Serpentine looking out for you.

Measures approx. 2" • Weighs approx. 4 ounces

Change and transformation require you to both move forward and leave the past behind, and a Serpentine crystal heart is the perfect energetic support to help you through the process. As a green stone connected to the energy of rebirth and renewal, the Raw Serpentine Crystal guides you to shed old skin and release anything that no longer serves you so you can create more room and space for new, fresh energy to come into your life.

Regardless of what area of your life is undergoing transformation, the Serpentine crystal properties can propel your growth and revitalize your spirit so you can embrace your positive change to the fullest potential. From manifesting new goals and intentions to supporting your overall emotional and energetic wellness, a Raw Serpentine crystal is a powerful tool to incorporate into your practices. The heart shape of this Serpentine crystal in particular allows you to vulnerable in your heart throughout your transformation, and offers you the purest form of the crystal to connect with as you navigate your life’s path.

Hold your Serpentine Heart crystal in your non-dominant hand and say aloud, “I easily grow out of what no longer serves me. I am constantly filled with new, healing energy .” While still holding your Serpentine Heart crystal, think about one area of your life that you need to outgrow and infused with love.

Carry your Serpentine Heart with you in your pocket, purse, bra, car, under your pillow: anywhere you want to tap into its healing and transformative energy.

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