Serpentine Money Frog
Serpentine Money Frog
Serpentine Money Frog
Serpentine Money Frog
Serpentine Money Frog
Serpentine Money Frog
Serpentine Money Frog
Serpentine Money Frog
Serpentine Money Frog

Serpentine Money Frog

the most sought-after wealth tool in Feng Shui
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Meet the Serpentine Money Frog – your key to unlocking your flow of wealth and prosperity! This iconic symbol is the most sought-after wealth tool in Feng Shui, often seen placed by cash registers, businesses, and office desks across Asia, ready to guard against bad luck and shower blessings upon its owner. It is a representation of the legend of the Three-legged toad – a money-bringing mythological creature that is said to emerge with every full moon, ushering waves of wealth and good fortune to those who see it. 

Heather has been on the hunt for these for YEARS and we were finally able to source these from a vendor who launched his entire business with just these money frogs – similar to our Prosperity Necklace.

Approx. 2" W x 3" L x 2" H

In the realm of unlimited possibilities, the Serpentine Money Frog leaps beyond the boundaries of ordinary financial tools, beckoning a tide of abundance and prosperity directly to your doorstep. Sourced after years of relentless pursuit, this isn’t just an crystal statue—it’s a symbol of fortune, meticulously crafted to transform your wealth story.

Why the Serpentine Money Frog?

Drawing inspiration from the ancient Feng Shui legend of the Three-legged toad, this iconic figure is more than a mere decorative piece. It's a beacon for wealth, designed to be placed in spaces of financial importance—next to cash registers, flourishing businesses, or dominating office desks—acting as a vigilant protector against adversity while inviting endless blessings.

What Makes Your Money Frog Special:

Made with Genuine Serpentine: Each frog is sculpted from serpentine, known for its potent energy that acts as a magnet for attracting new opportunities, wealth, and abundance—accompanied by the Serpentine coin it holds securely in its mouth.

Red String Activation: Mastery over your finances is symbolized through an 11-inch red string included with every purchase, empowering you to activate and harness the wealth-attracting energies the moment it arrives.

Numerology Infused for Fortune: The narrative doesn't end there—each money frog uniquely features 7 raised circular bumps on its head, painstakingly engraved to epitomize good luck and ensure its bearer is forever encased in fortune's favor.

For the Wealth Seekers, Entrepreneurs, and Manifesters

You possess the ambition, the drive, and the vision—now all you need is the Serpentine Money Frog to catalyze your path to prosperity. This isn't just an investment in an artifact; it's an investment in a future replete with abundance.

Exclusive, powerful, and steeped in legend—the Serpentine Money Frog is more than an emblem of wealth; it's your partner in prosperity. With limited quantities sourced, this is your moment to claim a piece of history guaranteed to change your financial trajectory.

  1. Place the Serpentine coin inside the frog’s mouth.
  2. Tie the red string around its neck with three knots – this symbolizes tripling your wealth. Do not cut the extra string; simply tuck it underneath the frog.
  3. You ideally want to place your money frogs inside your space by your front door and other entrances. Depending on how many frogs you place, the directions change slightly:
  • For one frog: place your frog with its mouth facing into your home.
  • For three frogs (this is the ideal formula) - place your frogs accordingly: Two frogs together inside your front door, one with its mouth facing outwards of your home and two facing inwards. One frog in the Wealth quadrant of your home. To find your wealth quadrant, stand at your front door facing inside your home. Your wealth quadrant is the far left corner at the back of your home.
What Makes Our Money Frog Unique:
  • Made with Serpentine: Its energy is a magnet for new opportunities, wealth and abundance, especially with the accompanying Serpentine coin in its mouth. Most money frogs you find will be made of resin or brass, and this made of pure crystal is really rare!
  • Red String for Activation: included with each money frog is an 11-inch red string to symbolize mastering your finances. 
  • Activated by Numerology: each money frog has 7 raised circular bumps on its head to symbolize good luck.
  • Get 3 for $88.88 (value of $120): these frogs are most powerful when placed in groups of three, so we’ve created a special deal for you. 

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