Shungite Bath & Shower Kit

Shungite Bath & Shower Kit

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3.5" x 5.5"
Take a Shungite-infused bath to detoxify your mind, body, and spirit of any negative energy you've accumulated throughout the day. Release the buildup of harmful energy from technology, stress, worry, or anything else weighing on your spirit so that you can emerge from your Shungite water bath feeling clear and cleansed. **Please note: due to the nature of Shungite and the high-carbon content, this bath soak may leave black residue in your tub.

Not just for detoxing from technology, Shungite is also a powerful crystal for cleansing your mind, body, and spirit from other harmful influences. If you are feeling stuck in emotional or electronic grime, rinse off with some Shungite Water using the Shungite Bath Kit. The Shungite infuses the bath water with its detoxifying properties, helping you to let go of whatever does not serve you. All sales are final on this product.

Place your Shungite chips in your bathwater to infuse the water with its detoxing properties.

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