Raw Shungite Sphere
Raw Shungite Sphere

Raw Shungite Sphere

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Shungite is a powerful stone for protection, especially when it comes to technology. The Shungite works to neutralize and harmonize the negative effects of EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, from electronics. Due to its symmetrical shape, a Shungite Sphere emits a uniform, harmonious energy, while eliminating any negative energy within the space. This Shungite Sphere is unpolished, which makes it an even more powerful protector and gives it a stronger ability to minimize the harmful effect of EMFs. We recommend placing these shungite spheres in your living room, office space, bedroom or any other rooms in your home that have tech devices. Please note that due to the unpolished nature of this sphere, there is a natural black residue on the stone.

A Shungite Sphere is one of the most powerful tools for the home when it comes to protection. In the shape of the sphere, a shape which has no beginning or end, the Shungite properties radiate outward and offer expansive energy. These Shungite spheres are unpolished and unfinished, which strengthens their healing power. In their raw form, the Shungite properties are completely pure and potent.

As a powerful energy protector, Shungite is known for its ability to minimize the negative effects of EMFs. Placing a Shungite sphere on or near your tech devices and other electronics will act as an energy harmonizer to prevent these toxic frequencies from impacting your energy and the energy of your space. Besides using the Shungite spheres in rooms where you have technology, another powerful way to harness the energy of this unique stone is to grid your entire home with it. To do so, place a Shungite sphere in the four furthest points in your home to create a square grid. The four spheres will capture the energy and create a holding space within the boundaries of their energy, keeping your home and everyone in it protected and shielded.

This is an unpolished, raw Shungite Sphere! Due to its high carbon content, it leaves black residue.

Place the Shungite Sphere in any rooms in your home or office that have electronics and tech devices to minimize the effect of EMFs.

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