Singing Quartz Crystals
Singing Quartz Crystals

Singing Quartz Crystals

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Singing Quartz crystals come in sets of 10 small, needle-like quartz points that make a uniquely resonant ringing tone when gently struck together. This batch of Singing Quartz comes from Colombia, so each individual point is impressively clear and less cloudy than other quartz. The tones created by singing quartz is extra beneficial and healing when used during meditation as they embody the sounds of nature all around you. They also help you tune into your own inner rhythm. By quieting the noise in your head and allowing you to align with the harmony of Mother Earth and the universe, your Singing Quartz crystals are a powerful energetic tool to recalibrate your energy field when you feel tense, overwhelmed, or disconnected from nature.

Sometimes the best way to get out of your head is to connect with the energy of the world around you. When you're looking for a way to tune into the harmonious and peaceful energy of nature, connect with your Singing Quartz crystal. The Singing Quartz crystal properties embody the hum of nature, helping you to align with the the rhythm of the universe and your own natural inner rhythm, making Singing Quartz the perfect antidote to an overwhelmed mind or a tense body.

Simply holding your Singing Quartz crystal sends healing energy throughout your energy field, helping to open up your spirit to the frequencies of nature all around you. Allow these vibrations to wash over you, bringing with them a sense of calm and peace that you can carry with you throughout your day.

These singing quartz crystals are sold in groups of three, so that they fit nicely in your hands. They will ALL vary in size, shape, color, pattern and sound.

Hold your Singing Quartz crystal in meditation or simply sit with your stone to quiet your mind and tune into your body. Allow its energy bring you into alignment and harmony with nature.

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