Specularite Crystal Slab
Specularite Crystal Slab

Specularite Crystal Slab

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Measures approx. 1" - 1.5"
Measures approx. 2" - 2.5"
Measures approx. 3" - 3.5"
These pieces are truly spectacular: the new Specularite Crystal Slabs are so named because of their specular, or mirror-like, surfaces that glitter and gleam like a bright starry night sky. Specularite is created when Hematite and mica come together to create the seemingly opposite “bright night sky” look. This stone’s energy is both grounding and galactic, keeping you firmly on earth but also beaming you upward to a sky that’s full of possibility. When life gets busy, it can be hard to get grounded and find a sense of stability. In those times, reach for your Specularite Crystal Slab. This ultra-grounding stone helps you to feel rooted and connected to the ground beneath your feet. By providing a sense of energetic stability, you can get centered and find your footing. All of these Specularite Crystal Slabs will differ slightly in shape, size, color and pattern because they're all natural..

As a powerful stone for grounding, Hematite connects you to your foundation and the energy of the earth. This grounding effect gives these crystals a calming quality that helps you find your center and feel supported, no matter what else is going on around you.

But don’t get too “comfortable” on Earth, either! The glittery, star-like mica effect is extremely galaxy-minded, meaning it’s airy, it’s atmospheric, it rises above the common everyday realities we can see with our eyes. This aspect of your Specularite Crystal Slab wants to help you easily visualize the expansive possibility of the galaxy. While keeping you firmly grounded and rooted, you can expand upward into space where, like a blank canvas, you can decide just what kind of energy you’re sending back down to the you that’s on Earth.

Rather than getting overwhelmed or stressed out, let your Specularite Crystal Slab be your visual reminder of all that is possible. Call upon the grounding force of this stone whenever you need a little extra support but remind yourself that your power to expand skyward is infinite.

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