St. Christopher Charm
St. Christopher Charm

St. Christopher Charm

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Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travel, his medallion a symbol of protection. This keychain is made with Shells, Turquoise, Coconut Wood and Mother of Pearl to bring you happiness and positive energy.

Approx. 3" long

Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travel and his medallion has been worn for protection for hundreds of years. Surfers and athletes have long wore his medal as a good luck piece to protect them while surfing or performing.

The St. Christopher Charm is made with Shells, Azurite Stones, and intricately bronze-plated St. Christopher medallion to embody the energy of protection and fluidity. This keychain makes the perfect travel accessory to provide protection to you and your family while you are traveling.

Carry your St. Christopher Charm with you for protection and as a reminder to enjoy life! Make a wish and let your charm guide you!

Attach your St. Christopher Keychain Charm on your keys, backpack, purse, pet's leash or anywhere else to keep yourself safe everywhere you go.

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