Sunstone Crystal Earrings

Sunstone Crystal Earrings

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If you’ve ever gone through a depressive slump, complete with the heaviness of staying indoors (or in bed) for days, then you probably know the almost miraculous effect of finally getting out of the house and feeling the Sun’s warmth on your face. It’s like the sunlight reanimates you, brings you back into your own life, and lifts you out of the black hole of negativity you’ve been sunk inside of. Sunstone has been revered for centuries for carrying this revitalizing power of the Sun within it, so when you need a serious super-dose of happy, joyful, radiant energy, wearing your new Sunstone Crystal Earrings will feel like you’re carrying your own personal solar-powered spotlight everywhere you go. When you let Sunstone turn up the wattage on your personal power and self-confidence, you’ll be an irresistible figure, mesmerizing those around you. All Sunstone stud earrings feature genuine raw crystals: because of this, each individual stone will be unique and vary slightly in color, size, and shape.

Sterling Silver with natural Sunstone crystals

The Sunstone meaning is its power of vibrancy, vitality and fiery creativity obviously take their inspiration from the Sun: wearing this powerful essence as earrings will bring increased light to your personal powers and increased and expanded life, endowing you with the empowerment and enthusiasm to achieve anything you set your mind and heart to. By aligning your energy with the energy of the Sun, Sunstone crystal earrings will feed your mental space with abundance and strength. Sunstone’s vibrant red-orange hues inevitably call to mind the powerful lifeforce energy of the Sun itself, giving us the energy and motivation to create a life of dynamism and good luck. Getting out of the shadows and standing directly in the warm light of your purpose is Sunstone’s speciality: shining the spotlight on yourself so that you can shine. Its powerful healing energy helps break through self-limiting beliefs and pushes you out of your comfort zone, helping you dazzle and succeed in all things creative.

These Sunstone Crystal Earrings make for a powerful tool for connecting with and recognizing your own creative power and sensuality, encouraging a sense of confidence and independence: it wants you to know that you can do all the senses of the phrase! By wearing the new Sunstone Crystal Earrings, you’ll be carrying its powerful, magnetic, radiant energy with you no matter where you find yourself, and you’ll notice others are unable to resist your attractive power.

All crystal earrings are final sale.

Wear your Sunstone crystal earrings whenever you need to tap into your inner spotlight-loving diva and summon the confidence to make all the moves necessary to make your life as dazzling as you are.

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