Super-Charging Station Bundle
Super-Charging Station Bundle

Super-Charging Station Bundle

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The better care we take of our crystals, the better they take care of us. It’s important to cleanse and charge your crystals regularly so they can serve you in the most optimal way and function at their highest level. Just as we humans need a hot shower or long bath to feel cleansed, invigorated and rejuvenated, so do our crystals. Or, think of it as cleaning out your closet or organizing the pantry. We clear out the old to make room for the new. Healing crystals are our partner in manifesting and fulfilling our most important intentions. The energy and care we give them will come back to us in spades. Use the new Super-Charging Station Bundle for an energetically super-powered space.

Copper Pyramid strengthens the cleansing process and amplifies their energy.

Square Selenite Charging Plate has a pure, high vibrational energy, which is like pure liquid light. Combine it with other crystals to amplify the desired intention,

Place your crystals, crystal jewelry tumbled stones underneath your Copper Pyramid to amplify their energy. It assists the crystals to vibrate with light and intention and magnifies their energy.
Use the Small Selenite Charging Plates under your Copper Pyramid with your crystal on top to get a megadose of charging and cleansing overnight.
Use Pyrite Crystal to infuse your other crystals with potent, abundance-centric energy.

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