The Jimmy Bracelet
The Jimmy Bracelet
The Jimmy Bracelet
The Jimmy Bracelet
The Jimmy Bracelet

The Jimmy Bracelet

In collaboration with the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation
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This bracelet, a collaboration between Energy Muse and the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation, captures Jimmy’s enduring spirit with each stone reflecting a facet of his legacy. Prehnite encourages you to embrace the life you dream of without restraint. Citrine, with its sunshiny yellow, mirrors Jimmy’s golden hair and instills positivity. Iolite dispels negative thoughts, pushing you to reach new heights. Selenite radiates illuminating light energy, enhancing your service to others. Clear Quartz ensures your vision remains sharp and focused. Natural Wood, reminiscent of Jimmy’s beloved surfboards, keeps you grounded and connected to nature’s healing powers. Moss Agate opens you to new opportunities, embodying Jimmy's inspirational essence.

Embrace the spirit of the ocean and the extraordinary legacy of Jimmy Miller with The Jimmy Bracelet, a harmonious collaboration between Energy Muse and the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation. Like the most cherished keepsake, this bracelet is a tangible expression of love, remembrance, and the relentless pursuit of one's dreams.

Each stone on The Jimmy Bracelet is a testament to Jimmy’s eternal aura:

  • Prehnite: A beacon that encourages you to surf the waves of life boldly, living out the dreams that pulse in your heart.
  • Citrine: Shining as bright as Jimmy's striking golden hair, this stone fills you with an infectious joy and unwavering positivity.
  • Iolite: Guiding your gaze towards the horizon, clearing the fog of doubt, allowing you to soar beyond the limits of what you thought possible.
  • Selenite: Imbued with a luminescent clarity, this stone lets you share your inner light generously, mirroring Jimmy’s service to others.
  • Clear Quartz: A crystal of pure intention, ensuring your foundation is as clear and strong as your vision for the future.
  • Natural Wood: Reminding you of Jimmy's treasured surfboards, it grounds you, binding you closer to Earth’s nurturing whispers.
  • Moss Agate: Just as the moss embraces the stone, this Agate encourages you to open your heart to the burgeoning possibilities around you.

Nancy, the Co-founder of the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation, reflects on The Jimmy Bracelet with the same tenderness and meticulous care one would devote to raising a child. Each carefully selected gemstone weaves a narrative, each a chapter of Jimmy's enchanting saga.

By donning this bracelet, you are not only keeping the memory of a soul who lived vibrantly alive but also supporting a majestic cause. Through Ocean Therapy, lives are being transformed; they are being saved. And with your purchase, a portion of the proceeds directly supports this incredible work of healing and hope.

Wear The Jimmy Bracelet as a daily reminder to stay connected to our planet's beauty, to reach ambitiously for your dreams, and to continue the impactful legacy of a life lived with courage and love. Feel the healing spirit of the waves and the fortitude of Jimmy's memory in each adornment, understanding that this isn’t just jewelry—it’s an emblem of a life and passion that echoes through eternity.

With each ebb and flow, feel "oceans of love and waves of gratitude"—a connection that transcends the mere physical, tethering you to a cause greater than oneself.

The Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charity devoted to the memory of Jimmy Miller. Through the use of adaptive surfing and group therapy at the ocean, the JMMF gives hope and healing to those suffering from mental and physical illness and injuries, and offers joy and self-empowerment to the participants and volunteers who participate in every Ocean Therapy Session.

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