The Shift Bracelet
The Shift Bracelet
The Shift Bracelet

The Shift Bracelet

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Beads measure 8mm • Usually fits most women and men with smaller wrists (wrist measurement of approximately 6.25" to 7.25”)
Beads measure 8mm • Usually fits most men and women with wider wrists (wrist measurement of approximately 7.25” to 8.25”)
EM EXCLUSIVE We all have that idealized vision of our best selves in our mind’s eye: all our strengths shine even more brightly, all of the traits we’re ashamed of are erased away, all of our desired attributes are not only embodied, but are also excitedly admired by others. Perhaps it’s the version of yourself that you finally deem worthy of having your dream romantic partner, or a smoothed-out and harmonious family situation, or enviable financial success. Whatever the case may be, it is frustratingly elusive: the Person We Want To Be seems always, always out of reach. We don’t want to be in our current situation in life, and have finally reached a tipping point - the time to make a change forward has arrived. That’s where The Shift Bracelet comes in.

Exclusively designed by Energy Muse’s co-founder Heather Askinosie, the number of stones, the type of stones, and even the sequences used in The Shift Bracelet were all deliberately selected by Heather in order to amplify the crystals’ healing energies. There are 5 stones, all of which have naturally occurring dynamic patterns, symbolizing the dynamism and massive action you’re effecting in your life.

  • Golden Tiger’s Eye is all about fearlessness and conviction in your decisions, and its mesmerizing multidimensionality encourages you to remember that everyone is good at some things and not at others, that no one can master all things, and to be confident that your strengths will help you achieve your goals & and any shortcomings will not stop your growth.
  • Red Tiger’s Eye wants to imbue you with all things movement, action, dynamic power- it’s the fiery coal you’ll burn to keep your train running energetically forward.
  • Kambaba Jasper has so much dynamic energy, with its swirling greens and blacks, and urges you to not spend a single extra moment being too hard on yourself for any past inaction or for not yet being where you want to be yet. Its heart-based energy, similar to Rhodonite, encourages healing.
  • Chevron Amethyst prompts you to really tune into, and trust, your innate wisdom and intuition. Take heart: you are capable, and you know the way forward.
  • Tibetan Agate symbolizes a force of higher knowing and guidance, and helps to assure you that, though the path along this shift is unknown, it’s okay and that you should feel safe in its guidance.

The crystals are arranged in sequences of 2s and 4s, and this is meant to imbue the wearer with a sense of harmony during change, stability, and coming from a place of partnership with yourself. Flow is possible, and the partnership between who you currently are and who you want to be does not have to exist in tense conflict but in effortless accord.

Affirmation: Every shift leads me closer to the life I deserve.

Place your bracelet on your right or left wrist - whichever feels better for you. Say your intention out loud three times.

Throughout the day, every time you catch a glimpse of your crystals on your wrist, bring your intention to mind.

Before you go to sleep, take your bracelet off and place it on top of a Selenite crystal to cleanse.

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